Featured: BoundingHound [Coralville, IA]

Josh and I met Loren back in March, when his wife Holly hired me to photograph their new baby Elliot in their home, and I remember being incredibly impressed with how well behaved their two dogs Oscar and Nora were. When I found out that Loren also owns a dog training, running, and boarding business called BoundingHound, I pretty much hired him the next day to come help us out with our unruly puppies. (Because let's face it, Clara wasn't the easiest puppy and Einstein had a serious Napoleon complex. Probably both my fault, but that's a story for another day...) Since that day, Loren has helped with training Clara and Einstein to become much more well mannered, and also helped us to become better dog owners. We immediately saw a difference, especially in Clara (Einstein is a little set in his old man ways, but he's made a lot of improvements too!!), and after a few months decided to add on the running service BoundingHound offers to Clara's weekly routine. Sadly, we feel as though Einstein's little bird bones are a bit too delicate for the rough trails of Iowa. :(

You see, these runs that BoundingHound offers aren't a typical dog walking/running service. These runs are for the athletic dog who really loves the outdoors, as Loren takes them both off leash and on using local trails and private wooded property. Being a small dog (only 7 lbs), one may think that Clara wouldn't enjoy bounding through the wilderness, but she LOVES it. Loren reports back each time that she is making huge strides in confidence and being more comfortable as part of a pack. It's pretty amazing to see the dogs out there running and having a fantastic time exploring, sniffing, and burning off all of their excess energy. You should see the muscles Clara has from all this running she's doing with Loren, I'm pretty sure she's considering becoming a professional doggie bodybuilder. :) On top of the cool exercise services, Loren will come to your house and pick up/drop off your dogs on the days they run, so you can go to work or do your normal thing and not have to worry! Oh, and did I mention he runs the dogs in the winter too?

BoundingHound also offers boarding services, which are of course, just as great as the rest of the services that are offered. Josh and I have NEVER kenneled the dogs, mainly because they sleep in our bed (seriously, so spoiled!!) and I just don't like the idea of them being locked in a kennel for a week while we are on vacation. We've boarded Clara a couple of times now and it is fantastic. I not only rest better knowing that they are being well cared for and loved while I'm away, but they also get training, daily runs (in Clara's case), and walks. Clara always comes back a happy, tired pup, and her manners are better than ever since she was given a ton of attention while she was away (I think Holly is a big Clara fan). Plus, Loren sent her home with photos he took of her stay and texted us updates a few times to let us know how she was doing.

This past Sunday Josh, Matt, and I ventured out to photograph Loren and the dogs for the BoundingHound website revamp. This was definitely a challenging shoot, mainly because I don't consider myself a sports photographer at ALL (or a sports enthusiast even, if we're being honest) and the light was crazy in there. Despite that and the early morning wakeup call, we had a great time, and the most amazing part of the morning was seeing how happy the dogs were. Plus, I got to hang out with dogs all morning - probably one of my favorite things ever (even though I did nearly sprain my ankle and spill coffee all over my camera. No one ever said I was the most graceful person alive...). So, here's a little peek at what goes on out there in the wilderness while your puppy friends are on their adventures with BoundingHound!



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Photo below by Josh, pretty amazing! bounding-hound-101





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Katie + Luke [Cedar Rapids Marriott Wedding, Cedar Rapids, IA]

Katie and Luke were married on July 20th in Cedar Rapids, on an absolutely beautiful summer day. Josh and I have been looking forward to photographing their wedding ever since we shot their engagement photos at Ellis Park last fall, these two have tons of chemistry and are just so so sweet.

The ceremony took place at St. Jude Catholic Church in Cedar Rapids, with the reception following at the Marriott (also in Cedar Rapids). Katie and Luke chose the Morgan Creek Park Arboretum as their third location, which was a beautiful spot for some photos (love the wildflowers and all of the greenery!!). I loved the colors Katie chose, wines and pinks for the ladies, coordinated classic tuxes for the men. Everything was classic, and elegant...just perfect. I think it's pretty evident looking at the photos from their day, but Katie and Luke are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. Their friends and family were so incredibly gracious and kind the entire day, and it was sad to say good bye at the end of the night!

Katie and Luke - Congratulations again!! I hope each day is as wonderful as your wedding day, you two deserve nothing less!! Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your day, and I hope you like this sneak peek. :)


Dresses: Heart to Heart Bridal, North Liberty 
Tuxes: Skeffington's, Marion 
Flowers: Oakland Road HyVee 
Cake: Johnson Ave HyVee 
DJ: LMD Productions 
Videographer: First Kiss Video
Hair: JCPenney Salon 
Makeup: City Looks Salon 
Rings: Albert's Jewelers, Clinton, IA 
Reception Venue & Catering: Marriott, Cedar Rapids 
Ceremony: St. Jude Catholic Church

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Next five photos (below) by Josh.



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Often, I encourage my brides to have a mini "first look" with their dads as well, it's such a sweet moment for a father and daughter!

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Photo on the right by Josh.

I love when my couples choose to do a first look, the reactions are always the best!!
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Below photo by Josh.

Below photo by Josh.
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Below photo taken by Josh.
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Katie and Luke went to Iowa State, so they played this awesome entrance video and then came in to the fight song. Everyone at the reception loved it!

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Katie and her dad planned a really fun father/daughter dance as a surprise (only her mom knew about it) and the crowd went crazy! They started out slow dancing, and then the music switched into a medley of music through the years. roling-blog-101

Luke, Katie's brother, and Luke's moms' reactions were priceless!