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Ashley + Brad [Solon, IA Lake MacBride Engagement Photography]

Ashley and Brad met when they just so happened to live next to each other one summer while they were in college. The rest, as they say, is history - now they are planning a September 2014 wedding in Williamsburg.

I am pretty sure we all laughed for the entire session, and my abs were aching the next day (though that was possibly from my bendy, and very impressive, yoga moves haha). I'm guessing their wedding day will be a blast as well, and I'm looking forward to it now more than ever.

Ashley and Brad - You two are hilarious, adorable, and SO much fun to be around. I am so grateful to have met you and can't wait to be a part of your wedding day!! I hope you like this sneak peek!

ashley-brad-preview-2 copy

ashley-brad-preview-1 copy





Below photo by Josh.






Blair [Williamsburg, IA Child Photography]

I just love this little peanut, and am always so happy to see Blair as well as her parents Melanie and Ryan. I love that I've gotten the opportunity to photograph Blair several times now, it's so fun to see her change so much between sessions. This particular session was to document her year and a half milestone, and she's as adorable as ever. I love all of her little outfits, I've never met such a stylish little lady, I am jealous of her wardrobe! :)

Blair and I had such a great time at the session, dancing to Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry, and she's a big Einstein fan (especially the pics where his tongue is hanging out) and couldn't stop looking at pics of him on my phone. By the end of the session we were like old pals, which I loved.

Melanie and Ryan - Always great to see you guys! Thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph Blair, it's always so much fun. I hope you like the sneak peek!








Blair: 1 Year [Williamsburg, IA Child Photography]

Blair turned 1 on Monday, but before her big birthday, I had the opportunity to photograph her at her Williamsburg home on Saturday morning. Despite just waking from a morning nap, Blair was all smiles and ready for her close up! She LOVES music, so we turned on the radio and she had a great time dancing to the beat!! I can't help but laugh as I remember how she was bouncing along to the music, bopping her head on her little white armchair. We also did a cake smash at the end of the session, and the frosting seemed to be a big hit with Blair.

Thank you again to Melanie and Ryan for inviting me back for Blair's 1 year session. It was great to see you all again, and Blair is adorable as always. I hope you enjoy the preview!

blair-0411 copy

blair-0384 copy

Blair always has the cutest little outfits, I wish they made this one in my size!! 
blair-0083 copy

blair-0104 copy

blair-0234 copy

blair-0532 copy

blair-0525 copy copy

blair-0607 copy

blair-0698 copy

Blair: 6 Months [Williamsburg, IA Children Photography]

As you can see, Blair is a gorgeous baby girl - just look at that sweet face!! She was such a doll throughout the session last Sunday evening, which her mom scheduled to document her 6 month milestone. Not only was it a beautiful evening weather wise, but we had a wonderful time getting to know Miss Blair and her parents Melanie and Ryan. Huge thanks to the entire M family, it was wonderful chatting with you and of course, documenting this occasion in Blair's life. I hope you enjoy your preview!

I absolutely love this one, look at those chubby little cheeks and that sweet smile!!
blair-9786 copy*

blair-9571 copy**

Check out that pose, she's a model already!
blair-9717 copy**

blair-9533 copy**

blair-9703 copy**

blair-9507 copy**

blair-9663 copy**

blair-9680 copy**

blair-9569 copy**

blair-9876 copy**

We decided Blair would make a great flamenco dancer - just look at those moves!!
blair-9730 copy**

blair-9804 copy**