Party Time, Excellent...

A little Wayne's World reference for you on this Wednesday! Anyways, I apologize for the lack in posting recently. I have been battling a bit of a cold, so took last week off and am just now getting back into the swing of things. I hope you all are staying healthy as this weather keeps switching from beautiful to frigid (can you believe it snowed last week?) and back again!

I took these photos at Myelle's 1st birthday party the last weekend in October. Lindsay (her mom) and I became good friends after we met when I did Myelle's 6 month session back in the spring. I was invited as a guest to the party, and brought along my camera to take a few snapshots. I mainly wanted to share the decor photos, as Lindsay and her mom Marita are pretty much AMAZING. I wish they would plan parties for me! :) All of the Halloween decorations were so cute, classy, and perfect for the occasion. I especially love the little banner that Lindsay made, featuring a photo from each month of Myelle's first year of life.

IMG_1113 copy

IMG_1127 copy

IMG_1106 copy

IMG_1148 copy

New Look

You may have noticed the new look around here lately, and I wanted to take a minute to say a huge thanks to the team at Braizen - Ashley, Alicja, and Tyrie were just some of the individuals I had personal contact with and they were amazing.

Branding was a new experience for me, as the original Jen Madigan Photography logo was one I came up with by myself one afternoon (and clearly I'm no graphic designer!!). I wanted something that people would remember, and that was truly unique to me. So, after filling out a very long questionnaire and speaking with Ashley on the phone, they came up with 4 wonderful concepts. We ended up merging two of them to come up with the gorgeous branding that you see before you (also thanks to Penny Lane Designs for helping me by implementing the branding into my blog design!).

One thing I wanted to incorporate, as you all know, is my spoiled little sidekick Einstein. Turns out that it was fate that Mr. Ein would end up being a part of my branding because my last name, Madigan just so happens to mean "little dog". (Cue Twilight Zone music now...)

Anyways, I hope you all love this new branding as much as I do - I was so excited for it all to be implemented (and my new business cards should arrive soon I hope!) from the moment that I saw the finished product. Honestly I can't thank the Braizen team enough for doing such a wonderful job.

Hope you all are having a fantastic week!!

Emersyn [Newborn]

I'm sure most of you remember Chelsea and Richard, my first wedding couple from last October. Chelsea contacted me this summer to get on the schedule for newborn photos and I was ecstatic! It's one of the best parts of my job, getting to see my clients' families grow, and I was so thrilled for Chelsea and Richard. The lovely Miss Emersyn Belle was born on October 23rd, and so this past Sunday I traveled up to their home in Independence to take her newborn photos.

Truly this baby is one of the most gorgeous I've ever seen, and she was such a good little model!! I can't say enough good things about this baby girl (or her parents), so I should just let the photos speak for themselves. Chelsea and Richard - I hope you like the preview! It was wonderful seeing you again, I'm so happy for you both. Josh and I feel lucky to have met you, and we hope to be able to document many more milestones in your lives.

*Special thanks to Andrea from ForeverHandmade for loaning me some of the headbands and a blanket used in this session. Credit is given above the photos in which these items were used. You can visit her store HERE.

IMG_1599 copy

IMG_1601 copy

IMG_1635 copy

IMG_1640 copy

IMG_1642 copy

IMG_1621 copy

I don't normally take detail photos like this but I couldn't resist this time - those lips!!
IMG_1609 copy

The cream headband in the following photo is courtesy of Andrea from ForeverHandmade on Etsy. You can visit her store HERE.
IMG_1682 copy

Chelsea crocheted this sweet pink hat, I just love it.
IMG_1657 copy

IMG_1630 copy

The brown flower headband, red headband, and cream blanket in the following photos are courtesy of Andrea from ForeverHandmade on Etsy. You can visit her store HERE.
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IMG_1692 copy

IMG_1715 copy

IMG_1775 copy

IMG_1718 copy