Thankful Thursday: It's the little things...

Today has been one of those know how it is, the type of day when all the little things that can go wrong DO in fact, go wrong. So, in an attempt to turn my evening around (in time for Grey's Anatomy), I am posting this Thankful Thursday story to remind myself that life is pretty darn good.

Love is often about the little things...whether it's the small things you love about a person (their laugh, their kind heart, the fact that they never complain about taking the dog out) or the tiny things that drive you crazy (squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube, not putting the toilet paper on the "right" way, or forgetting to make the bed). *By the way, Josh doesn't do any of those last three fact, I'm the guilty party when it comes to all of them!*

The other day Josh was folding some laundry (yes, I know how lucky I am) and when I looked over he was painstakingly folding all of my shirts just the way I like them (I know, I'm weird, but there's really only one good way to fold a shirt! You know what I mean, folded with the sleeves tucked under and the front of the shirt facing up instead of folding it in half...? Ok, maybe I'm the only one...) I smiled and told him how much I appreciated him taking the time to fold them "my way". He looked up and said, "Isn't that what love is?"

Yes. Yes it is. <3>

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Yesterday I was so thankful for the beautiful weather because I got to meet 6 month old (and 1 week!) Willa with the gorgeous brown eyes and her wonderful parents Amie and Jeff. Don't you just love her name?

Miss Willa was a great little model for the camera, and I just adore all of the outfits that Amie brought for the shoot (she told me she got them at Crazy 8 in the Coral Ridge mall if anyone is wondering!). Doesn't every little girl need a cute pink dress and a zebra belt? I think so!

Here is the sneak peek - enjoy!








Sooo big!

I love this one of Amie and Willa & the "I Love Mommy" shirt. Too cute.

And we can't forget about Daddy!! This one was taken during a much needed bottle break - modeling is hard work!

What to Wear: Family Photos

Since it's getting to be the time of year when people start thinking about family photos, I thought I'd put together a few outfits to answer the tricky "what should we wear?" question.

The main idea when picking your clothing is to make sure you put together items that are complementary but not matchy-matchy. Show your personality a little!

I based this first look off of the adorable blush colored sweater that I spotted at Gap Kids for a little girl. From there I just added warm neutrals with a bit of interesting detail.

For this second look, I based the outfits around the little boy's fair isle sweater. It has oatmeal, orange, and light blue in the pattern, so it was easy to pull a few colors out for the mom & dad's outfits.

Love the look of classic black and white but want to spice it up a little? Here are two versions, one with a little girl's outfit and one with a little boy's (I just love the plaid shirt and cute!!). It's ok to mix patterns, as long as everything is in the same color family.

Whatever you end up wearing for your photos, the clothing should make you feel good as well as look good! My advice is to find one item (a sweater for your little boy, a dress for your little girl) and then base the rest of the outfits around it like I did above. And remember, your outfits should complement each other but not necessarily match (this is key - do you really want another family photo where everyone's in white button downs and khaki pants?).