Emersyn: 10 Months [Iowa City, IA Child Photography]

At only 10 months old, I'm pretty sure Emersyn has appeared on this blog more than anyone else (besides Einstein, of course!) and I'm so thankful to have such great clients in her and her parents Richard and Chelsea. As you may recall, Richard and Chelsea were my very first wedding, so it really means a lot that they continue to invite me to document their growth as a family.

Despite the fact that this summer was impossibly dry, I was starting to wonder if this session would ever happen as we were rained out several times. This weekend I woke up to pouring rain on Sunday, and when things were looking especially soggy I was texting frequently back and forth with Chelsea, trying to figure out what to do. Despite the rainy morning and afternoon, we decided to wait until the last minute to see if it would clear up - and it did (thankfully)!! We ended up with a really beautiful, sunny evening to take these photos of the always adorable Miss Emersyn on and around the Pentacrest (where we took some of Chelsea and Richard's engagement photos 2 1/2 years ago). I hope you guys like the preview, I just love her sweet face!!

emersyn-2344 copy*

emersyn-2213 copy*

emersyn-2015 copy*

emersyn-2143 copy*

emersyn-2196 copy*

emersyn-2003 copy* copy

emersyn-2067 copy*

emersyn-2152 copy*

emersyn-2253 copy*

emersyn-2339 copy*

emersyn-2440 copy*

emersyn-2481 copy*

Mia [Iowa City Baby Photography]

Lovely Mia was born in June, and is just the cutest, most squishable little baby! I visited the O Family home on Sunday morning, and despite the rain ruining our session plans (stay tuned for outdoor photos, part II of this session - coming soon!) we still got some great indoor images. Here are some of my favorites from the day! To the entire O Family, thank you so much for inviting me into your home! It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Enjoy the preview!

Love this one!! mia-1487 copy*

mia-1458 copy*

mia-1449 copy*

mia-1520 copy*
Emery is such a great big sister! These two are so sweet.
mia-1550 copy*

mia-1588-2 copy*

mia-1615 copy*

mia-1623 copy**

mia-1584 copy*

mia-1657 copy*

mia-1679 copy* bw

mia-1601 copy*

mia-1692 copy*

mia-1711 copy*

mia-1741 copy**

mia-1778 copy

mia-1879 copy*

mia-1822 copy*

mia-1831 copy*

mia-1874 copy**

Kathleen + Brett [Newman Center & Brown Deer Wedding Photography, Iowa City]

I have to admit, I've started writing this blog post three or four times now. I honestly can't think of the right words to describe this wedding, probably because Kathleen and Brett are not only clients but friends. I've known Kathleen since she was 15 years old, and though I met Brett more recently (a couple of years ago), they both are amazing people that I feel blessed to know. Not only are they gorgeous people on the outside, but they both have amazing hearts and I think you can really see that in these photos.

Kathleen and Brett - your day was amazing, and I am so honored that you chose us to be a part of it. I hope that I've done it justice. Congratulations again on your marriage, we wish you every happiness, you deserve it.

Note: This post is very photo heavy, so hopefully it won't take too long to load! 

You can also see an extended preview of their day by visiting their custom wedding website HERE!

kathleen-brett-9526 copy*



kathleen-brett-9644 copy*-blog



kathleen-brett-9741 copybw-blog

kathleen-brett-1-44 copybw-blog

I absolutely love these photos of Chuck, Kathleen's dad, seeing her for the first time as a bride (especially love that her mom, Pat was there too!). kathleen-brett-9772 copy*-blog?

The next five photos, starting with the one below are all by Josh. kathleen-brett-0138-blog bw*



kathleen-brett-0099 copybw*-blog

kathleen-brett-0119 copybw* -blog



Kathleen and Brett opted to do a first look and it was absolutely adorable. Not only was Brett's reaction perfect, so was Kathleen's!
  Above photo by Josh.

kathleen-brett-1-4 copybw*

kathleen-brett-1-9 copy

kathleen-brett-0155* copy Above photo by Josh.

kathleen-brett-1-15 copy*

kathleen-brett-0194 copy* Above photo by Josh.

kathleen-brett-6349 copy Above photo by Matt Murphy.

kathleen-brett-9949 copy* 
Above photo by Matt Murphy.

kathleen-brett-0007 copy*

Handsome devil!
  kathleen-brett-9816 copy*

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
  kathleen-brett-9832 copy*

kathleen-brett-9812 copy*

kathleen-brett-9848 copybw*

kathleen-brett-1-39 copy*

kathleen-brett-9871 copy*

kathleen-brett-9860 copybw*

kathleen-brett-1-51 copy

kathleen-brett-1-57 copy*

kathleen-brett-6480 copy* Above photo by Matt Murphy.

kathleen-brett-1-59 copy*

kathleen-brett-1-70 copy*

kathleen-brett-1-79 copy*

kathleen-brett-6514 copy* Above photo by Matt Murphy.

kathleen-brett-1-106 copy*

kathleen-brett-1-114 copybw

kathleen-brett-1-121 copy*

kathleen-brett-1-127 copy*

kathleen-brett-0403 copy*

kathleen-brett-0420 copy1*

kathleen-brett-0520 copybw

kathleen-brett-1-136 copy*

kathleen-brett-0498 copy*

kathleen-brett-0474 copybw*

These following photos from Brown Deer's golf course are my absolute faves, the light was just perfect - I wanted to keep them out there forever (or until the sun set!) but sadly I had to let them enjoy their reception. ;)

kathleen-brett-9969 copy

kathleen-brett-0601 copy* 
Above photo by Josh.

kathleen-brett-0085 copy*

kathleen-brett-0107 Above photo by Matt Murphy.

Getting ready to toss the bouquet! kathleen-brett-0203 copy

kathleen-brett-0282 copy*


kathleen-brett-1-138 copy


kathleen-brett-1-146 copy


kathleen-brett-1-159 copy*

kathleen-brett-1-166 copy*

kathleen-brett-1-173 copy


You can see vendor information on their website HERE, and you can also see two more photos from the sneak peek immediately after the wedding HERE.