Quinn [West Des Moines, IA Newborn Photography]

You may remember the L family from their session this spring, and now they have a new little one - a baby girl! Quinn Harper (LOVE the name) is just as cute as her big brother Oliver, and I was so thrilled to get to meet her this past Sunday morning.

Quinn was born on November 14th, making her 11 days old when we did the session. I just love her big brown eyes, and I couldn't believe how much she looks like Oliver when he was a baby (see his 10 week old session HERE for a flashback!).

Nicole and James - Congratulations again on your beautiful baby girl. It was, as always, a pleasure to see you all!! I have really enjoyed watching your adorable family grow. I hope you like the preview!

My favorite!!
quinn-1140 copy

quinn-0535 copy

quinn-234 copy

quinn-235 copy

quinn-239 copy

quinn-236 copy

quinn-1252 copy

While Miss Quinn got a bit of a break, we took some photos of Oliver with mom & dad, as well as this adorable shot of him by himself. This guy's laugh has to be the best thing ever.
  quinn-231 copy

quinn-221 copy copy

quinn-229 copy copy

quinn-224 copy copy

quinn-227 copy

quinn-218 copy

Elizabeth and Eric [Iowa City, IA Maternity Photography]

I feel as though I've gotten extremely lucky this year, not only with amazing clients but beautiful weather for sessions even into the week of Thanksgiving! Elizabeth and Eric's session took place on an absolutely gorgeous Wednesday afternoon in downtown Iowa City.

I had such a great time chatting with and getting to know these two, who are somewhat new arrivals to the Iowa City area from Chicago. Elizabeth and I share a love for delicious food, and puppies (of course) - and Josh chatted Eric's ear off about cars. I truly didn't want this session to end, but lucky for me I get to photograph their little one once he or she arrives in early January.

Elizabeth and Eric - Thank you so much for an amazing session, and for trusting me to document such an important time in your lives! You two are so much fun, and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

Seriously, is Elizabeth not the most gorgeous pregnant woman ever?
  elizabeth-0106 copy

elizabeth-241 copy

elizabeth-217 copy

elizabeth-223 copy

elizabeth-229 copy

elizabeth-222 copy

elizabeth-235 copy

elizabeth-233 copy

elizabeth-240 copy

Elizabeth and Eric love to go to Molly's Cupcakes, and so we stopped by for a quick treat as well as a photo. This is definitely one of my faves as well, so cute!
elizabeth-243 copy

elizabeth-216 copy

BriAnne & Colby [Iowa City, IA After Session]

This year I gained two new "brothers" as two of my sisters were married this fall. Bri and Colby were married in a small, intimate ceremony in Las Vegas on November 3rd, and so we planned an "after" session to get them some beautiful photos to document their marriage. We were lucky to have a sun soaked Saturday evening for the session, and although I'm probably biased, I thought the images turned out beautifully!!

Bri and Colby - it's wonderful seeing you both so happy! I wish you nothing but happiness now, and always. I love you both.

bricolby-0797 copy

bricolby-0885 copy

bricolby-1206 copy

bricolby-0747 copy

bricolby-0805 copy

bricolby-0847 copy

bricolby-0895 copy

bricolby-1132 copy

bricolby-1072 copy

bricolby-1108 copy

bricolby-1162 copy

bricolby-1267 copy

bricolby-0991 copy

bricolby-0953 copy

bricolby-0828 copy

Happy Thanksgiving!

clara-0502 copy

I feel like this year I have so much to be thankful for - great friends, family, and two little puppies that keep me on my toes. I'm so grateful for incredible clients who allow me to do what I love, thank you all so much for every opportunity you've given me this year. I'm also very thankful for Mindy Myers, who gave me the chance to second shoot with her this year. I learned so much and had such a wonderful time!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoy every minute with your loved ones!

Jeff, Rena, Blake, and Reese [Oh, and Griz too!] - [North Liberty, IA Family Photography]

Rena recently gave her boyfriend Jeff a gift certificate for photos as a birthday gift, as he had mentioned he had very few photos of him and the kids. (Gift certificates are a great gift idea, I might add!) We did their session on Sunday, November 4th, and although it was a little overcast, for early November the temperatures weren't too bad.

Blake is 11 and Reese is 4, and I really don't think these two kids could get much cuter. Blake was a natural in front of the camera, and once Reese opened up a bit, she did a fabulous job as well (aren't those blue eyes just gorgeous?!?). These two, paired with Rena, Jeff, and of course the professional dog model Griz, made for a great session. Rena, Jeff, Blake, and Reese - thank you for such a wonderful session, I hope you guys enjoy the preview!

rena-0696 copy

rena-0790 copy

rena-0674 copy

rena-0771 copy

rena-0531 copy

rena-0909 copy

rena-0474 copy

Griz, super[model] dog in disguise? Rena warned me that Griz was a little crazy, but honestly he was SO well behaved. I really love when people include their pets in their photos, they are a part of the family after all!
  rena-0893 copy

rena-0936 copy

rena-0918 copy

rena-1047 copy

rena-1066 copy

rena-1103 copy

rena-1156 copy

This last set of images was when we had finished and were just playing around, Josh helped Rena and Jeff gather up leaves to throw on the kids. Even Griz got in on the fun!
rena-1172 copy