Quinn [West Des Moines, IA Newborn Photography]

You may remember the L family from their session this spring, and now they have a new little one - a baby girl! Quinn Harper (LOVE the name) is just as cute as her big brother Oliver, and I was so thrilled to get to meet her this past Sunday morning.

Quinn was born on November 14th, making her 11 days old when we did the session. I just love her big brown eyes, and I couldn't believe how much she looks like Oliver when he was a baby (see his 10 week old session HERE for a flashback!).

Nicole and James - Congratulations again on your beautiful baby girl. It was, as always, a pleasure to see you all!! I have really enjoyed watching your adorable family grow. I hope you like the preview!

My favorite!!
quinn-1140 copy

quinn-0535 copy

quinn-234 copy

quinn-235 copy

quinn-239 copy

quinn-236 copy

quinn-1252 copy

While Miss Quinn got a bit of a break, we took some photos of Oliver with mom & dad, as well as this adorable shot of him by himself. This guy's laugh has to be the best thing ever.
  quinn-231 copy

quinn-221 copy copy

quinn-229 copy copy

quinn-224 copy copy

quinn-227 copy

quinn-218 copy

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