The K Family: Day in the Life [Naperville Lifestyle Family Photography]

Day in the life. What does this mean exactly? Well, the idea all started when I thought about the things I love to shoot - candid, real life moments. When I looked at my business, this type of photography was found most often at weddings - capturing the interaction between people, the in-between moments that naturally occur over an 8 hour wedding shoot. However, I felt like there was a NEED for it in family photography. SO often, I would hear from my portrait clients..."I just really like candid, unposed photography". Though, in itself, a typical 1 hr portrait session at a beautiful, but frankly, meaningless location doesn't lend itself very well to that type of genuine, candid images that people were begging for!


You've all been there - mom is worried that the outfits she painstakingly chose won't look right in photos. Dad is grumpy, because the last thing he wants to do during his precious weekend hours is smile for a photographer he doesn't know. The kids are of course, acting like wild beasts because they are feeding off of all of the anxious energy that mom and dad are putting out into the universe. Inevitably, someone has a meltdown, somebody stains their BRAND. NEW. PANTS... and everyone is exhausted before the session even begins. Sound familiar?


Imagine this scenario instead...photographer arrives at your home at 7 am on a Sunday. Kids have just gotten up (and let's face it - when you're 4, bedhead and pjs might be the cutest things ever), with you drinking your coffee and starting to gather items for breakfast (even if it's just cereal!!). Throughout the session, you just get to enjoy your Sunday morning. You make and eat breakfast as a family - who cares if little one spills her OJ on the counter? Easy fix, and bonus - new pjs are just down the hall! Breakfast is followed by playtime with the kiddos - coloring, finger painting (the messier the better!), toy trains, reading books - you name it! Instead of worrying if everyone is smiling and looking perfect for the camera, you are ENJOYING your kids. Let them be little, and let me capture the details of this time in your life that will be gone before you know it. Pretty soon, that adorable 4 year old is going to be 16 and rolling her eyes at the thought of spending a Sunday morning hanging out with mom & dad. You'll be lucky if she gets up before noon and grunts a good morning - trust me, I know - that was totally me. ;)


So, in a nutshell - THAT is what Day in the Life sessions are all about. I usually suggest having some things in mind that you love to do as a family, or that your kids love to do, to help with the flow of the session and to make everyone feel extra comfortable. But my focus is not the activities, it's the interaction that you have with your kids, with your spouse, with your pet... capturing the moments that make your life uniquely yours.


One last thing - worried your house isn't picture perfect? Let's go do something instead! Apple orchard, a park, your fave breakfast spot, fishing at the lake, hanging out with Fido at the dog park - the possibilities are endless. Just choose something that feels like YOU.







Riley + Jake [Cedar Rapids Engagement Photography]

These two met while tailgating and she invited him over to check out her speakers. A dance party commenced, and the rest, as they history! Now they are planning an October wedding at Sutliff Cider, and if their wedding is as much fun as their engagement session was (despite the abnormally warm weather...) I know it's going to be amazing! Also, they brought their puppies, and we all know how I feel about that (the more puppies the better, in my opinion!). Here are some of my favorites from their session at Palisades Park!













The C Family [Tiffin, IA Family and Child Photography]

I just adore this family! Tehya and Evie are the cutest sisters, are they not?! Tehya even brought me a gift, how cute is that?! We met at Kent Park on a beautiful evening, and chased the light through the fields. Here are some of my favorites from their session this past fall!










Abby + Nate [Naperville, IL Maternity Photography]

It's a new year, and my goal is to blog all of my remaining 2016 sessions that I never got around to blogging. Whew. This may be a task - but I have so many families, newborns, and engagements that definitely need to be seen! So, I'll try to keep each one short and sweet, but I definitely feel it's necessary to get caught up. So, I'm going to start with my sister Abby and her husband Nate, who are expecting their first sweet little girl VERY soon. I can't wait to be an aunt again, but more importantly I am ready for the suspense of "what will they name her?!" to be over! I have my guesses...but we shall see if I am correct!

For those that are wondering where Abby got her adorable dress, check out Pink Blush Maternity!












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