The J Family [Iowa City, IA Family Photography]

Last Sunday evening I had the opportunity to photograph the J family - Courtney, Nate, and their son Jett (love the name!!). We not only had a beautiful location and lovely weather, but this family was so darn cute that I had a very difficult time narrowing it down for this post.

Jett was a great little model, I just adore those blond curls (and didn't Courtney do a fabulous job with their outfits? Cute, cute, cute!). Every once in awhile Josh and I have a session when I get in the car afterwards and say, "maybe we should have a baby!" because the kids are so much fun, and this was one of those times. Thank you to the entire J family for such a great session - I hope you like your sneak peek!

jett-5032 copy

jett-4754 copy
This is definitely one of my top three, so darn cute!
jett-4926 copy

jett-4596 copy*

jett-4603 copy

jett-4670 copy*

jett-4879 copy copy

jett-5039 copy

jett-4790 copy

jett-4737 copy*

jett-4900 copy

jett-4919 copy

jett-4955 copy

jett-5148 copy copy

jett-5087 copy

Love that grin!
jett-5245 copy

jett-5217 copy

jett-5255 copy copy

The day after the session was Courtney and Nate's 2 year anniversary, so we grabbed the opportunity to get a few photos of just the two of them as well.
jett-5343 copy

jett-5415 copy

jett-5458 copy copy

Kaylee [North Liberty, IA Child Photography]

Kaylee's session was another one that was unluckily rained out on the rare occasion that it poured this summer, and then was rescheduled once more due to illness. However, the third time was a charm as we had the most beautiful evening for her session last Sunday. This little lady is turning 2 (today, I think?) and we had a blast running around the park.

Erica and Jay - I hope you like the preview! Kaylee is such a sweetheart, thank you so much for the opportunity to take her photos.

kaylee-3490 copy

kaylee-3502 copy

kaylee-3539 copy

kaylee-3522 copy

Action shots! This set of three cracks me up. kaylee-3549 copy

kaylee-3564-2 copy

I could not get over these adorable shoes!! (The entire outfit is from Target, love!) kaylee-3584 copy copy

kaylee-3610 copy

kaylee-3629 copy

kaylee-3635 copy

kaylee-3662 copy

I think this is one of my favorites... kaylee-3670-2 copy

kaylee-3869 copy

kaylee-3759-2 copy

kaylee-3788 copy

kaylee-3826 copy

kaylee-3851 copy

kaylee-3999 copy

kaylee-4030 copy

Baby C [Iowa City, IA Newborn Photography]

Sweet Baby C was born at the beginning of the month, just a few weeks early so he was still a tiny little guy when I got to meet him last Sunday afternoon. His parents, A and K are so sweet and just thrilled with the new addition to their little family.

C's parents had a ton of great items that they wanted to incorporate into the session, blankets, hats, a collar, and books that belonged to each of them when they were babies (which I love!!) or made by family. A & K - Thank you again for allowing me to photograph your family. Congrats on the birth of little C, I hope you guys like the preview!

c-9446 copy copy

c-9556 copy

c-9568 copy

c-9452 copy

c-9577 copy

c-9700 copy

c-2956 copybw

c-3316 copy

c-3255 copy

c-3197 copybw

c-3171 copy copy

c-3107 copy copy

Thanks to Andrea at Forever Handmade for the use of the wrap. c-3048 copy copy

c-3024 copy

c-2940 copy

c-2910 copy

c-3485 copybw