Workshop: Jessica and Eric

I'd never been to Kent Park in the 8 years that I've lived in Iowa City, and the weather was supposed to be beautiful on Saturday afternoon. I didn't have a session scheduled, so I called up my good friend (more like sister from another mister) Jessica to ask her if she and her boyfriend would be willing to model for an hour or so. I guess you could say we had a private photographer's workshop, Josh and I, as this session wasn't for anything other than to give us the opportunity to try some new things in a relaxed setting.

Just to clarify, Jessica and Eric are NOT engaged, but don't they make a cute couple? They dated back in their high school days, and after over four years apart, they managed to reconnect this past winter.

Even though this session was more for practice, I ended up with some beautiful (and fun) shots that I wanted to share with all of my readers.

Jess joked that she was watching America's Next Top Model in preparation for her modeling debut. Not sure if it was Tyra that inspired this shot, but I love it.










And finally, a shot by Josh (so cute!!)...

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous??

I once read a book (I believe it was titled "What the Dog Did") that described what it was like to be a dog owner in the most interesting, and truthful way. The author comments that since becoming a dog owner, she now knows what it's like to be married to a celebrity (and I'm not talking about dual celebrity unions like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt...I'm talking about celebrity + regular person marriages like Matt Damon and his wife ...not sure what her name is...*and that just proves my point right there*). I find this quote to be SO TRUE, and when I read it I laughed out loud and could totally relate. Everyone in my neighborhood (and some people who aren't in my neighborhood) knows Einstein. Even people who have never met Einstein, will ask "is that Einstein??" when they come across him for the first time. It's hilarious! Everybody is all "oh, he's SO cute!" and "I love him!!" or even the occasional "I want to take him home with me!" (now go back and read those statements substituting Brad Pitt's name in for Einstein and you'll see exactly what I mean). He even gets heckled (as I'm sure some celebrities do) by people who can't resist the "where's the rest of your dog?" or "is he an ankle biter?".

The author goes on to explain that she knows what it's like because everyone seems to know who her dog is, yet no one knows her name. As a fellow dog owner, I can absolutely relate! There are often times when I'll be walking Einstein and people we've never met before will greet him by name, then ask for mine. Every time this happens, I remember that book and just have to laugh. Has anyone else out there experienced life as a "celebrity wife"?

So, to further add to the growing membership of the imaginary Einstein fan club, here's yet another cute pic of him living the pampered life of a celebrity, surrounded by his fuzzy blankets. This pic could so be in Doggie InStyle....


What to Wear: Engagement Session

As you may or may not know, I'm obsessed with fashion (in addition to my nanny job and photography, I also run the blog The Look 4 Less...just call me a multi-tasker!). People often write me wondering what they should wear to their session, and I know it's an often searched topic on the web as well. So, to make everyone's lives a little easier (and because I LOVE doing this sort of thing), I've come up with a few style specific outfits for engagement photos. Each look is geared toward a very distinct personality and style profile, so hopefully one or more will inspire you to be adventurous and maybe a little glamorous for your own engagement session.

This first look is for the super glam bride and groom. They love getting dressed up, and are known for their fabulous style. You may be thinking this is a little over the top for a college town like Iowa City but hey, doesn't every girl deserve to feel like a million bucks for her engagement photos? I think so.

I call this second look "Downtown Chic". This couple is all about chic, sophisticated layers like blazers with skinny jeans and heels and (faux) leather jackets with a cool graphic tee.

This next outfit idea goes in the entirely opposite direction, more toward country chic. This couple is laid back, casual, and want their pictures to reflect that.

And finally, this is probably what I see most often for engagement photos in this area - sort of casual with a twist. This is also the outfit I would personally wear because it's just the closest to my style. I love the idea of mixing patterns a little bit (a floral top for her with a subtly striped shirt for him - the key is to keep everything in the same color family) to keep things interesting.

I hope this has helped at least give you some ideas of where you could go with your style for engagement photos. The sky really is the limit, the main thing is having clothes that fit well (not too tight or too loose) so you can move comfortably, and something that YOU feel beautiful (or handsome) in. If you look good, you feel good...right?

The H Family

A couple of weeks ago I traveled home to take some family photos for my aunt and uncle. Their oldest daughter, Nicole (in the green dress - you may remember her from her engagement photos HERE) is getting married over Labor Day weekend and they wanted to get some photos with their girls before they gain a new family member. We met up at Dolliver Park near Fort Dodge on a humid, bug filled evening. Although the mosquitos were biting like crazy, we were still able to get some great photos. Don't you just love the color scheme they chose? I do - it matches my blog colors!! Here's the sneak peek, I hope you like it!


I adore these photos of Nicole and Morgan, aren't they gorgeous?



We managed to get a smile out of my uncle - I love this photo!







And of course, it's not a family session without including their sweet pup Norah!