The L Family: Coming Soon [Des Moines Family Photography]

I've had the great privilege of knowing Nicole, James, and Oliver (see his 2 year photos HERE) since the summer of 2010 when Nicole hired me to take Oliver's baby photos. It's been so much fun getting to go back every year and see how Oliver has grown, and I was doubly excited this year when Nicole shared a secret with me (though it's not a secret any more!). Obviously I couldn't share these until Nicole made her announcement to her friends and family, but we took these photos at Oliver's recent session to help her share her exciting news. Nicole shared her news with everyone this weekend, and gave me the go ahead to share these with all of you as well.

Congratulations to Nicole, James, and Oliver! I hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy and I look forward to meeting baby #2!

Thanks to Nicole's friend who owns the Etsy store "What's Your Sign" for the use of the chalkboards! Click HERE to view her store.

Oliver-5811 copy


Oliver-5728 copy

Oliver-5757 copy

Oliver-5797_1 copy

Oliver-5759bw copy Oliver-5757 copy
Oliver-5737 copy

What to Wear: Family Photos [Spring]

I think everyone stresses a little bit about what to wear for photos, as they want to look their absolute best. I spent some time this weekend working on two different outfit inspiration sets for a family session.

The first set is for a family of three with a little girl, the second is for a family of three with a little boy. If you like any of the specific items shown, you can click on the image and it will take you to the online store where you can purchase them if you wish.

Weekend Update


I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! This weather we've been having is pretty crazy (warm one day, cold and dreary the next), and sadly has pushed my upcoming sessions back further and further on the schedule.  Fingers crossed that weather cooperates next weekend so I can share some fun new images with you! Just as a quick update - May and June are now completely full, so if you're thinking of a summer session please consider booking early! I will only be taking a couple more sessions for July and August, and only one spot remains for September.

Also, I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to my clients Melissa and Dave on the arrival of their new son Max, who I am extremely excited to meet next weekend at his newborn session! 

Oliver: 2 Years [Des Moines Children Photography]

This is the third year I've had the privilege of photography Oliver and his parents, Nicole and James. I am always so thrilled to get invited back into clients' homes and these three are some of my favorite people. Aren't they just the cutest little family? Oliver was full of energy as always, which was great - it made for a really fun session and kept everyone on their toes. We decided if Oliver was a rock star, his rider would include plenty of graham cracker goldfish crackers + chocolate milk. Quite a delicious snack if you ask me!

Nicole and James, I hope you guys like the preview! Thank you again for a great session and for letting me spend the morning with your adorable family, it was wonderful to see you all! :)

Oliver-5587 copy*

I think this one was when Nicole had him do his fake laugh, which was hilarious.
Oliver-5600 copy*

Oliver-5604 copy*

Can't forget the obligatory foot shot!

These photos of Nicole and James interacting with Oliver are some of my favorite pictures EVER. So, so sweet.
Oliver-5853 copy*

Oliver-5863 copy*

Oliver-5873 copy*

Oliver-5895 copy*

Oliver-5904 copy*

Oliver-6002 copy*

This photo cracks me up, because we did a photo like this last year and Oliver made a similar expression. I feel a tradition coming on...
Oliver-5922 copy*

Oliver-5980 copy*

Oliver-6028 copy*

Happiness is...a new puppy!

Double your Yorkies, double your fun...
Meet Clara, the newest addition to the Madigan family!

IMG_4838 copybw

IMG_4853 copy

Clara is 2 1/2 months old, loves squeaky toys, cuddling, and harassing her new big brother Einstein. Einstein's not too sure of her just yet, but hopefully they'll be best friends sooner rather than later! In the meantime she's keeping us all on our toes!

IMG_4796 copy

IMG_4799 copy

Life Via Instagram: March 2012

I love Instagram, although I currently don't have an iPhone so I just have to use my iPod. No worries, an iPhone is on my list of things to acquire this year. :)

Here's my life via Instagram in March, 2012. It's clear three very important things in my life are Einstein, food, and the beautiful sunsets we get to see every night out our back window. Enjoy!

(Starting with the large photo and moving clockwise: Einstein doing his neighborhood watch thing (there's a giant dog in that little body, I promise you!), Einstein at the vet asking "can't we just leave and pretend this never happened?", and Einstein sunbathing on the deck during Spring Break.

(Starting in upper left corner: Banana "ice cream" - love ice cream but watching your figure? Freeze some peeled bananas, throw them in the food processor. It will make a scary noise, but it won't break. Add a little almond milk or soy milk, keep processing until the consistency resembles soft serve ice cream. Delicious!, Frozen coffee from Corridor - my fave!, Cadbury Eggs - can anyone resist these?, and Izze - delicious fruit juice + sparkling water, great if you're trying to give up or eliminate soda.

I love where we live! These sunsets are amazing.

And just a random photo of the tulips I bought, but they died. :( I have a seriously black thumb.