Oliver: 2 Years [Des Moines Children Photography]

This is the third year I've had the privilege of photography Oliver and his parents, Nicole and James. I am always so thrilled to get invited back into clients' homes and these three are some of my favorite people. Aren't they just the cutest little family? Oliver was full of energy as always, which was great - it made for a really fun session and kept everyone on their toes. We decided if Oliver was a rock star, his rider would include plenty of graham cracker goldfish crackers + chocolate milk. Quite a delicious snack if you ask me!

Nicole and James, I hope you guys like the preview! Thank you again for a great session and for letting me spend the morning with your adorable family, it was wonderful to see you all! :)

Oliver-5587 copy*

I think this one was when Nicole had him do his fake laugh, which was hilarious.
Oliver-5600 copy*

Oliver-5604 copy*

Can't forget the obligatory foot shot!

These photos of Nicole and James interacting with Oliver are some of my favorite pictures EVER. So, so sweet.
Oliver-5853 copy*

Oliver-5863 copy*

Oliver-5873 copy*

Oliver-5895 copy*

Oliver-5904 copy*

Oliver-6002 copy*

This photo cracks me up, because we did a photo like this last year and Oliver made a similar expression. I feel a tradition coming on...
Oliver-5922 copy*

Oliver-5980 copy*

Oliver-6028 copy*

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Altax said...

Lovely family, cool pictures and awesome photography. :)

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