Morgan, Keegan, and Logan

On Saturday afternoon I met up with one of my oldest friends. Jen and I have known each other for about 25 years (when I thought about that I honestly could barely believe it!!), bonding back in the day over our shared name (and birthday) in Daisy Girl Scouts, and remaining friends through high school and beyond. Now I can hardly believe she's a mom to three beautiful kids!! Seeing Jen with her adorable family makes me feel so proud of my best friend. Her kids are as sweet as they are gorgeous (I know I'm jealous of those big blue eyes!!), and Jen, along with her husband Kyle, has done an absolutely fantastic job raising them. I look forward to seeing Morgan, Keegan, and Logan continue to grow and change through the years...and now, onto the sneak peek!

Anyone who either has kids, or has photographed kids (all under age 5!) knows how hard it was to get this shot! Jen did a great job of getting their attention while I snapped the photo.



Morgan just turned 5 in April, and LOVES posing for the camera (she made my job pretty easy!).


Keegan was more of a challenge, but once he warmed up we got some cute photos.


And finally, the baby of the family - Logan. I just melt over those huge blue eyes!


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