Elayne + Steve [Solon, IA Brosh Chapel Wedding Photography]

Elayne and Steve were married on a sunny, beautiful afternoon on November 3rd. These two are such a wonderful couple, snd I love photographing these two because they always seem very present in the moment and are so sweet together. Steve knows just what to say to make Elayne laugh and smile, and Elayne looks as him as though he's the only person on the planet.

Elayne and Steve, congratulations!! You both looked fabulous, happy, and very much in love on your wedding day, and we wish you more of the same as you begin your journey together! It was a pleasure spending the day with you and your family & friends - everyone was SO kind and fun to be around. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you like the preview!

To see even more images from Elayne and Steve's big day - click HERE to view their custom wedding website.

elaynesteve-9263 copy

elaynesteve-7529 copy

elaynesteve-7797 copy

elaynesteve-7636 copy

elaynesteve-6353 copy

elaynesteve-6080 copy

elaynesteve-6084 copy

elaynesteve-6135 copy copy

Elayne, you are gorgeous!
elaynesteve-6158 copybw copy

elaynesteve-6209 copy

elaynesteve-6232 copybw

elaynesteve-6244 copy

Next two photos taken by Josh. elaynesteve-8502 copy

elaynesteve-8541 copy

elaynesteve-8051 copy

Below photo by Josh. 

elaynesteve-6293 copy

elaynesteve-8783 copy

elaynesteve-6344 copy

elaynesteve-6467 copy

One of my favorites!
elaynesteve-6495 copy

elaynesteve-8830 copy copy

elaynesteve-8568 copy

elaynesteve-6321 copy copy

elaynesteve-8439 copy

elaynesteve-8720-2 copy

elaynesteve-6303 copy

elaynesteve-8811 copy copy

elaynesteve-6300 copy

elaynesteve-8968 copy

elaynesteve-8894 copy

Cutest little flower girl EVER! This doll was such a great little model, I couldn't believe she was only 2 1/2.
elaynesteve-6733 copy

elaynesteve-0125 copy

Below photo taken by Josh.
elaynesteve-9238 copy


elaynesteve-9575 copy



elaynesteve-9607 copy

elaynesteve-9702 copy

elaynesteve-0403 copy

elaynesteve-0446 copy

As we took photos on the balcony between the ceremony and reception, we looked over to see Steve's sister and husband through the glass door. I just love this pic!
elaynesteve-0461 copy

elaynesteve-9237 copy

elaynesteve-9234 copy

Elayne had a Star Wars groom's cake made for Steve, and he loved it! 
elaynesteve-9200 copy

elaynesteve-0516 copy

Below photo by Josh. elaynesteve-9374 copy

elaynesteve-9756 copy

Below photo by Josh.
  elaynesteve-0063 copy


elaynesteve-9585 copy

elaynesteve-0151 copy copy

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