Lindsey + John [Iowa City, IA - Our Redeemer + University Club Wedding Photography]

Lindsey and John were married on October 27th, on a beautiful, sunny day at Our Redeemer in Iowa City with their reception at the University Club. I was really looking forward to this wedding because I got to work with several amazing vendors that I just love (Unique Events, Julie's Fountain of Flowers, Stad's Limousine, and the great staff at the University Club).

Lindsey and John live in San Francisco, so we didn't get to have an engagement session, but these two met when they were both grad students at Purdue. It was so much fun to watch Lindsey and John together on their wedding day, they are amazing people - kind, funny, and very much in love. Not only did we have a great time hanging out with Lindsey and John all day, but her family and friends were so gracious and made everything so much fun that I was incredibly sad to leave at the end.

Lindsey and John - I hope you guys had an amazing time on your honeymoon (I can't wait to hear where you ended up going!), and I hope you enjoy this preview. Thank you for choosing us to document your day, we had a wonderful time and everything was so beautiful. Congratulations again you two!!

Feel free to check out their custom wedding website with even more photos HERE.



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lj-3203 copy

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lj-4897 copy

lj-4905 copy
The next five photos taken by Josh.
lj-7366 copy

lj-7377 copy

lj-7398 copy

lj-7404 copy

lj-7457 copy

Lindsey and John chose not to see each other prior to the ceremony, but she did want a moment with her dad. I always love when brides choose to do this! lj-4980 copy

lj-4998 copy

lj-3519 copy
Below photo taken by Josh.
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lj-4916 copy

I just LOVED her bright shoes! lj-4947 copy copy

lj-4976 copy

lj-7794 copy

lj-5227 copy

lj-5203 copy

Below photo taken by Josh.
lj-8022 copy

lj-5387 copy

lj-5444-2 copy

Next two photos taken by Josh. lj-8077


lj-5472_1 copy

lj-8117 copy

After a minute or so, Lindsey and her dad invited other father/daughter combos to join them on the dance floor. Her sister joined in and I just love this photo. lj-8132


lj-8151 copy
Lindsey and John's friends, family, and bridal party coordinated a flash mob, Gangnam Style.
lj-5617 copy

After watching for a few minutes, Lindsey and John joined in. This was the best thing I've seen in awhile - fun and hilarious.
lj-5630-2 copy



lj-5730 copy

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