Mia [Iowa City Baby Photography]

Lovely Mia was born in June, and is just the cutest, most squishable little baby! I visited the O Family home on Sunday morning, and despite the rain ruining our session plans (stay tuned for outdoor photos, part II of this session - coming soon!) we still got some great indoor images. Here are some of my favorites from the day! To the entire O Family, thank you so much for inviting me into your home! It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to seeing you all again soon. Enjoy the preview!

Love this one!! mia-1487 copy*

mia-1458 copy*

mia-1449 copy*

mia-1520 copy*
Emery is such a great big sister! These two are so sweet.
mia-1550 copy*

mia-1588-2 copy*

mia-1615 copy*

mia-1623 copy**

mia-1584 copy*

mia-1657 copy*

mia-1679 copy* bw

mia-1601 copy*

mia-1692 copy*

mia-1711 copy*

mia-1741 copy**

mia-1778 copy

mia-1879 copy*

mia-1822 copy*

mia-1831 copy*

mia-1874 copy**

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