Sophia: 7 Months [Iowa City, IA Children Photography]

Sweet, squishable, smiley Sophia. I just love her to pieces!! You may remember her from a post back in early March after we made the trek out to Denver to visit our new niece, and now she's in Iowa for a visit! I just wish that we got to see her more often, I miss her smiles like crazy!!

Sunday was kind of rainy, so we captured these photos in between downpours in Jay's parents' backyard. Sophia didn't seem to mind, she had a great time hamming it up for the camera. I especially love the individual photos of her with Kara and Jay, their happiness is so palpable it practically radiates out of the photo. I hope you enjoy the preview!

sophia-0992 copy*

sophia-0941 copybw

sophia-1085 copy*

sophia-0948 copy*

sophia-0961 copy*

sophia-0848 copy*

sophia-0861 copy*

sophia-0829 copy*

sophia-0789 copy*

sophia-0917 copy*

sophia-0866 copy*

sophia-0893 copy*

sophia-0819 copy*

sophia-0979 copy*


Unknown said...

Wonderful photos Jen!

Unknown said...

I love the pictures!