You may recognize this little guy from the blog back in November. Since he was under the weather on the day of the shoot, his mom asked if I would take some more when he was feeling better. He wasn't feeling too smiley today but I did manage to capture a couple! Here's your sneak peek...

IMG_2886 copy

IMG_2845 copy

IMG_2878 copy

This is only a test...

IMG_2834 copy1

I have my first indoor shoot today so of course I had to practice the set up on my favorite subject, Einstein! He was a little scared of the bamboo rug, so I had him sit in his old bed (although he didn't like that much either). I finally got a good shot when I asked him if he wanted a treat!

The S Family

The weekend after Thanksgiving I took some photos for my aunt and her family. It was good practice for me to have three kids (age 6 and twins, age 4) to wrangle, and they got some great photos out of the deal! Check out this gorgeous family...


IMG_2541 copy

IMG_2687 copy1

IMG_2677 copy

IMG_2565 copy


IMG_2739 copy


IMG_2708 copy

IMG_2646 copy

*You can see a couple more by clicking HERE.*