Meet Miss Sophia... [Personal]

I distinctly remember the phone call we received this summer from Josh's sister Kara letting us know they were expecting a new addition to their family - I was so happy for them, as I know a baby was something they'd been wanting for so long. I was also incredibly excited to be an aunt for the first time, and couldn't wait to find out if I would have a new niece or nephew (they weren't finding out the sex prior to the birth).

Miss Sophia began her life as a very punctual young lady, arriving directly on her due date of January 5th, 2012. Josh and I had to wait a little while until our schedules would accommodate a long weekend, so last Friday we flew out to Denver to meet her.

I brought my camera, of course, and over the three days we were with the lovely little Sophia, we were able to capture some wonderful images of her and her parents. These aren't the typical images I would get with a newborn or baby session (although I did get a couple!), but something about these candid images is so lovely to me. Getting the chance to capture a new family just simply loving each other each day was truly a blessing. I hope you find these photos as beautiful as I do...

Sophia-4040 copybw

Sophia-4149 copybw

Sophia-4127 copybw

Image below was taken by Josh.
Sophia-4049 copybw

Sophia-4136 copy

Sophia-4141 copy

Bath time!
Sophia-4087 copybw

Sophia-4138 copy

Little Bo Peep, is that you? (This cute little hat was made by Sophia's great grandma.)
Sophia-4214 copy copy1 copy

Owen [Newborn]

I've known Katie, Owen's mom, for probably about 5 1/2 years now. We met when I was looking for a new hair stylist and just happened to be paired with her when I called for an appointment. She not only does a fabulous job on my hair, but is also incredibly nice and funny - I always look forward to those highlight appointments where we can chat for quite awhile.

This weekend I was given the opportunity to join Katie and her husband Zach (who I just met for the first time but is also wonderful!) at their home to take photos of 11 day old Owen. Although he wasn't too sleepy, we were still able to get some darling images of the little guy. It's incredible even at 11 days old how Owen knows exactly who his mama is, and he kept a very close eye on her throughout the session.

Thanks again to Katie and Zach for the opportunity to meet and photograph sweet baby Owen. I hope you guys like the preview!

Also, a huge thanks to Andrea from Forever Handmade who let me borrow some blankets and hats for the session! Check out her Etsy store HERE.

I just love his expression in this photo.
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IMG_3933 copy

IMG_3920 copy

IMG_3874 copy

IMG_3924 copy

IMG_3875 copy

IMG_3953 copybw

IMG_3880 copy

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