What to Wear: Summer Sessions [Families + Engagements]

Looking for some style inspiration for a family or engagement session during these last few weeks of summer? I put together a few looks to help inspire you with bright colors, nautical stripes, and floral dresses. Also be sure to check out my Pinterest board for more outfit inspiration for every season.

I love this bright maxi dress (Gap has a great option as well) paired with a bright statement necklace, and the little girl's dress from Zara is just too too cute.
This second look is inspired by the colors in this J Crew ensemble.

And finally, one for the engaged couples, pair a cute floral sundress with a delicate necklace from Etsy, and a bright polo for him.

Thankful Thursday


I feel like it's been awhile since Einstein has been up on the blog, here's a photo from a pre-Clara evening back in March. 

I have so much to be grateful for right now, and since it has been awhile since I did a Thankful Thursday post I thought it was a good time to do another! 

Here's what I'm thankful for at the moment: 
  • Mindy Myers, who gave me an incredible opportunity to be her second shooter for several weddings this summer/fall. I have admired her work for a long time (she was our wedding photographer when we got married 5 years ago) and am having the most wonderful time photographing weddings with her!! 
  • Air conditioning, especially after the brutal heat we've had this summer. 
  • My fabulous clients, who have been so supportive and wonderful this year - I am grateful every day for each one of them. 
  • Lincoln Wine Bar for the best pizza EVER. 
  • My iPhone (I upgraded from an HTC Evo in June)! I don't know what I did without this thing, love it. 
  • Vacation! I've been in the midst of a "stay-cation" this week and am loving sleeping in and catching up on stuff around the house. Today the plan is seeing Batman and possibly doing some shopping! 
  • And of course, as always - my husband Josh and two little furballs Einstein and Clara.

How I spent my weekend...

This weekend we made the drive up to Minneapolis to celebrate our anniversary (had the most amazing meal at Restaurant Alma) and to participate in the Color Run with friends. Here's photo evidence of our colorful adventure:
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!