Sarah + Dennis [Iowa City, IA Lifestyle Maternity Photography]

Sarah and Dennis are expecting their first little one in February, a baby girl, and we had a great time documenting this exciting time in their lives with a maternity session a week ago. Because it's winter in Iowa and the landscape was more brown than white, we decided to do the session in their home. These two are adorable together, and it's easy to see that baby girl will be surrounded by a lot of love.











Erin Brenneman and Brenneman Pork, Inc. [Wellman, IA Business Photography]

My job is kind of a funny one, shooting weddings one day and taking photos of baby piglets the next. It's what I love about my life as a photographer, it's never boring. I recently had the opportunity to go out to Brenneman Pork, Inc for the second time this year to photograph Erin with her piglets, doing what she loves. Erin was chosen as one of the Faces of Farming this year, and so to help her spread her knowledge and passion about farming and educating people about what they do at Brenneman Pork, she wanted some photos that she could have for her personal use. I was beyond thrilled to get the opportunity go back out, as the first time I was able to deliver a baby pig, hold several, and I am pretty sure it took me at least a week to wipe the smile off of my face.

I love every minute of hanging out with Erin, asking questions about the way they do things out on the farm, timing of weaning, farrowing, and how it all works. It's incredibly interesting to me, and I find myself trying to absorb as much knowledge from her as I can when I'm out for a visit. Plus, the bonus is I get to cuddle sweet newborn piglets, what could be better than that?! I had another opportunity to "pull a pig" (aka deliver a baby) this time, and the experience was just as incredible as the first. I just want to say thank you again to Erin for opening up her world to me, and sharing her passion for what she does. It's really so inspiring, and I wish everyone had the opportunity to learn from her. So, without further are some photos of Erin doing her thing!









Moving forward in 2015 [Personal]


Every year, I sit down and write out goals that I have for myself both personally and professionally throughout the coming months. Sometimes it's specific things I want to achieve, sometimes it's an overall feeling I want my year to have, or ways in which I want to grow as a person as well as a photographer. This year I've decided it's about being fearless. Being afraid is part of life - fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough. Fear of losing the things I've worked so hard for, or the people I care most about. It's something I let in my head more often than I should, and though I know I can't get rid of it completely - I'm going to do my best to take the steps to live fearlessly this year.

Part of this, I've decided - is sharing my hopes and dreams out here in the open. So, lovely readers, here goes nothing...

I want to feel free. Free from that little voice in my head that really isn't the nicest person on earth. To follow my intuition, and listen to my heart.

I want to travel. Destination wedding anyone? Hook me up. I want to experience things away from the comfort of my bubble here in Iowa City.

I want to teach...a workshop maybe. I love helping other people embrace their passion and find their voice. It motivates me, and inspires me. Helping someone peel back the layers of themselves and encouraging them to live from their heart makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Stop filling my life with stuff and work and instead make more time to focus on family and friends. Because in the end, that's all that really matters.

Be true to who I am, as a person, but most importantly as an artist. Take photo assignments that inspire and energize me, and cultivate a life that makes me feel good on the inside not just one that looks good to everyone else.

Don't be afraid. I want to slam the door on fear this year, and like Nike says - just do it. ;)

And finally, this year I want to feel content. Grateful. Hopeful. Loved. Inspired. Happy.

Here's to an an amazing, fearless 2015. Hope you all will be a part of it.