The B Family [Iowa City, IA Family and Child Photography]

A couple of Fridays ago, on a windy but gorgeous October evening, I got to hang out with the absolutely gorgeous B Family. Not only is this family beautiful, but so kind and fun!! Olivia, Isabel, Anna, and of course their golden-doodle Charlie kept me on my toes throughout the session, which was awesome. I definitely wish I could bottle some of Isabel's energy, she was cracking me up and bursting with energy the entire session. She also made Josh feel pretty special, chanting his name repeatedly. ;)

Amy and Rodrigo, it was a pleasure photographing you and your family! You guys are fabulous, and I hope you like this sneak peek!



bayon-family-blog-2 copy

I asked each of the girls what their favorite things were - Isabel said "Hershey's", Olivia said "I-Carly", and Anna said "Bubble Guppies". :) So cute, these three!! bayon-family-blog-4 copy

bayon-family-blog-5 copy




Amy and Rodrigo were telling me they've been together since they were 17 years old. Pretty awesome if you ask me!! :) bayon-family-blog-17


bayon-family-blog-27 copy


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