Today was my first newborn shoot, and although it usually takes me a couple of days to get a sneak preview ready, I have been SO excited about this shoot that I had to work on the photos as soon as I got home. Addyson is the first baby for Josh and Monica, and is already working on earning her princess status! We did everything we could think of, swaddling, music, feeding, an exceptionally warm (for the adults) room, but Addyson didn't want to miss a minute of her closeup! (We did get her to sleep for a few shots.) I had such a wonderful time taking photos today, and I hope that Josh and Monica (and their families) like these pictures of Addyson as much as I do!

This first one is my absolute favorite of the session...
IMG_3639 copy

IMG_3615 copybw

IMG_3691 copy

IMG_3644 copy

IMG_3668 copy

I had to include this one because it makes me laugh...this was the last shot of the day, I think she'd had enough!
IMG_3702 copy

You can see a few more photos of baby Addyson by clicking HERE.


Jessica said...


Kathy said...

These are awesome! Dad really likes the first one.

Abby said...

They are all so precious! She looks like such a little angel! Great job Jen!!

Jen Madigan Photography said...

Jessica - Thank you!

Mom - Thanks! That first one is my favorite too.

Abby - Thanks! Glad you like them. :)