Chelsea & Richard

The bar had great drink specials, and a pretty girl. The 2 for 1 special got Richard in the door, Chelsea is the girl that kept him coming back, and the rest is history. I love hearing stories about how people met, and hearing these two recount their story was no exception. These two were so much fun to photograph, and they were such good sports despite the extremely hot (and humid) day we had last Sunday. Chelsea is going to make a beautiful bride, and although he says he's not photogenic (lies, all lies!!), I have a feeling Richard will look pretty good in a tux as well.

As some of you already know, Chelsea and Richard will be my very first wedding this October and I'm so thrilled to be photographing their special day. And now, onto the photos...(prepare yourself, I think this is the largest preview yet)

IMG_0875 copy
IMG_0981 copy
IMG_0915 copy
IMG_0934 copy

I just love the way Richard looks at Chelsea...isn't that how all guys should look at their fiancee?

IMG_1083 copy
IMG_0905 copy

And the way Chelsea looks at Richard is pretty sweet too...

IMG_0834 copy
IMG_0794 copy
IMG_1088 copy
IMG_0877 copy
IMG_0889 copy
IMG_1098 copy
IMG_0898 copy
IMG_0937 copy

All of the following photos were taken by Josh:

IMG_4309 copy
IMG_4220 copy
IMG_4382 copy
IMG_4369 copy
IMG_4424 copy
IMG_4177 copy
IMG_4351 copy

Still haven't gotten enough? There are a few more in the set HERE.


Kathy said...

These are terrific Jen! You and Josh make a really great photography team. I will bet that they love them!

Abby said...

Great Job Jen! The photos are really really good! I love that you captured them laughing and a lot of sweet moments!

Jen Madigan Photography said...

Thanks Mom & Abby!