Judith, Kimiko, and Akimi

Judith is a dear friend of mine, and has been since we met about 8 years ago. She is a speech pathologist that I know because of Dan, whom I've been working with for so long he's more like my brother than anything else. Judith is an important part of my life, so when she asked me to take some photos of her and her friends that were visiting from Japan, I jumped at the chance.

Judith has known Kimiko and Akimi since the early 1970's when they lived in Iowa City while their spouses worked at the University and they've remained friends over the years despite the miles between them. It was a pleasure to meet Judith's friends when we got together for a quick afternoon session, and I hope they had a very safe flight back to Japan!

Akimi is on the left, Judith is in the middle, and Kimiko is on the right. I just love the way the sun is peeking through the gorgeous fall leaves!



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