The C Family

This photo is from a session that I did a couple of weeks ago, and it was different from most of my sessions because it was a large extended family (formal) photo. I was asked about doing it last fall, and although it's not something I normally do (other than at weddings), it was for a close family friend so I made an exception. :) Unfortunately it was requested that I not share the large family photo on my blog, but I also took a few photos for one of the smaller family groups so they would have a picture to use for their holiday card and they gave me permission to share.

The family below is basically part of my own family, as I've known them for my entire life. Sheryl is the daughter of my godparents (and we're cousins but I'm not sure which # - second, third??) and Randy is the son of very close family friends. Their three kids (from left to right: Will, Emma, and Alex) are really great and it's always fun to get together with the whole crew.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a quick photo - this is my favorite of the short little session.


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