Pinterest Obsessed

When I was moving last week, I found two (extremely heavy) notebooks where I had cut and pasted outfit ideas, house decorating inspiration, etc that I'd torn out of magazines once upon a time. Although I considered keeping them, the sheer weight of these two books made me think otherwise. Besides, now I have Pinterest to keep all of my fantastic inspirational finds in a tidy place online (and it won't weigh me down).

Lately I've been whiling away the hours, pinning and organizing all of the beautiful images I find online. A category that I wanted to share with you is one that helps to answer that pesky "What should I wear" question when it comes time to get your photos taken. I have one such board where I've been collecting gorgeous images to (hopefully) inspire you! Click HERE to view that particular board, or follow/view the rest of my boards HERE. I don't have any guy outfit inspiration at the moment, so I'll have to add that to my future to do list (don't want anyone to feel left out!!).

Are you on Pinterest? I'd love to follow you - comment with your name or link!

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