The P Family: Charlie and Mallory

I've been a nanny since I was 20, but I also worked for a short time as an associate at a preschool. I have to say, some of my fondest work memories are from that time, as I always came home with an interesting story to share. There's something about that preschool (and younger) age group that is so refreshing. I love how honest those kids are, and how they are 100% themselves without a hint of self consciousness. I think that's why children are so much fun to photograph, they aren't afraid to be their genuine selves. Charlie and Mallory were no exception (after warming up to me of course), and I had the most fantastic session with them this past Sunday.

I arrived at the P family's beautiful home and after taking a few family photos, I challenged the kids to a race across the yard (they won of course) and spent the rest of the session hanging out with Charlie and Mallory. We had a grand time, chatting about what is best on a cheeseburger (Charlie said mustard, Mallory is more of a ketchup girl), playing ring around the rosie, and just being goofy. My favorite thing about these two is how they seem to not only be brother and sister, but also great friends. I hope that doesn't change.

Michele and Jim, thank you for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family. I had a wonderful time and I hope you enjoy the preview.




I think these two are my favorite pics of the day, so cute!!




I asked Mallory to twirl in her dress, which is truly one of the best parts of being a girl!


Charlie on the other hand, was all boy, showing me his goofy side.






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