Cozy Winter Engagement Outfit Ideas

Winter engagement photo sessions aren't for everyone, but they are SO pretty and unique! I have one coming up in late January/early February and I am super excited. I put together a couple outfits for inspiration, along with some tips for staying warm without looking bulky on a wintery photo session.

Tip #1: For women: put some leggings (regular will work fine, or look for a thermal/waffle knit pair for extra coziness) under your jeans. Your legs will thank you!

Tip #2: Better layer with the socks too, or wear a some that are designed to be warm in cold weather situations (like SmartWool).

Tip #3: Thermals are also good for layering under sweaters or jackets, adding thin (to avoid looking bulky) layers are going to also add warmth.

Tip #4: Find cozy hats that are also cute for photos if you want to keep your head warm, best to keep it on for the duration of the session rather than taking it on and off which creates tons of static + hat head.

You can click on any of these images for more information except the men's navy shirt (click here) and women's white hat (click here) in this first set.

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