Going to the chapel...

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This weekend my sister and her fiance Matt are tying the knot! I am so thrilled for the two of them, and am excited for a fun weekend ahead (but it will be strange to be in front of the camera instead of behind it!).

Rachel - I have so many fun memories of us growing up - playing marathon sessions of Barbie, pretending we had a roller skating rink in the garage (you were the best concession stand lady!), and being baton twirlers in the circus with you using a painted stick as a baton and belted sweater vest instead of a leotard because I had the good stuff. You have always been a patient, kind, and thoughtful sister - and all of those qualities will serve you well as a wife. Matt is incredibly lucky to have you in his life, but I know you are lucky too - Matt is a funny, caring, creative, and loyal man who will make a wonderful husband. I wish you both the best this weekend, and always as you begin your lives (officially) together.

Early congrats to Rachel and Matt - love you both!

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