Girl Boss: Erica from inSpirit Healing Arts

Happy Friday all! This post is part 3 in my weekly "girl boss" series (view the others HERE!) and this week I'm proud to feature my masseuse, spiritual guru and friend Erica, who owns inSpirit Healing Arts in North Liberty, IA.

Erica is one of those people who you just love immediately, her energy is just so wonderful and she radiates love and kindness! I started going to Erica weekly for massages during a really tough personal time in my life, when I was also having some health issues and she was truly a God-send! She helped the healing process both physically with massage and Reiki, but also spiritually with her meditations during the massage. I honestly don't know what I would do without Erica, and am definitely going to miss her after my move (but I'll definitely be bugging her to get in when I am visiting!).


Also, thank you to Elizabeth from Girl Wonderful who sent me some shirts after I bought two for myself and was inspired to do this project. Please, check her out - I love what she stands for and her tees would make a great gift for yourself or any awesome girl you know!

Tell me about starting your business, what was your inspiration?

For as long as I can remember, I had a great interest in all things Spiritual. My grandmother, Marian, was truly a saint of a woman, and I would have long conversations with her regarding religion and human nature. Her answers were always very meditated upon and introspective. I started meditating and practiced Buddhism at the age of 14. I knew, around that time, that I was interested in medicine or healing.

I began my study in pre-medicine at the University of Iowa in 1996. My personal interest in medicine slanted toward Eastern modalities, so I went to Acupuncture-Acupresse Institute in Miami after three years of undergraduate work at Iowa. As life would have it, I got a divorce while attending Chinese Medical School and returned to Iowa, where as a younger human and given my loose ends, I simply wanted to complete a degree as quickly as I could to get out into the "real world." It was fastest for me to get a degree in business, and I like math, so I got a degree in Finance. While back in school here at Iowa, I worked as a Physical Therapy Aide at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, utilizing the bodywork skills I had attained at Chinese Medical school. After that I moved to Dallas, and started studying massage therapy, as I knew my passion was not in business. However, during that time, I had an opportunity to move to Bocas del Toro, Panama, a little group of islands off the coast of Costa Rica and Panama, to practice massage (you don't need a license there) and to teach yoga to the clients who stayed at the hotel where I lived. 

When it was time to return to the States, in 2003, I received my first Reiki attunement - an energetic healing work, and I began energetic healing work, while returning to school to get my Master's in Nursing. Again, as life would have it, I got pregnant, with my amazing son, Alexander. As a single mom, I decided that I did not want to spend the time during his early years, working, studying, and being in rotations, so utilize that Finance degree, I did! When Alexander went to Kindergarten, I knew that I needed to return to my passion, full-time. I cashed in my 401K, left the safety net of my corporate job (much to the chagrin of my mother), and went to the Shiatsu Clinic & School to earn my massage therapy license... The rest is history! My work is dedicated to healing through bodywork, meditation, intuitive guidance, and taking care of yourself on all levels- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I love what I do, as truly it is a testament to all of my life experiences and studies, and it brings me joy to share with my amazing clients. 

Advice you would give to future female entrepreneurs: 

No matter what life throws at you, you can attain your dream. There is ALWAYS a means; remember the Universe is infinitely abundant. Know this to be true; work hard, and opportunities and the support of your friends, family, your partner, and other female entrepreneurs will rise up to greet you. If you choose the path of motherhood, being a mother is not a block to success. In fact, what better way to teach hard work, dedication, and a sense of being able to achieve your heart's desire, than to do so yourself. There is a wave in the rise of the Divine Feminine right now, so I encourage you to embrace that energy and bring your own inner goddess to global consciousness.

What decisions have you made that you feel have gotten you to where you are with your business right now? 

Taking a leap of faith is typically necessary when embodying your life's path. I have taken risks, and through dedication and hard work, those risks have been greatly rewarded. My heart and sincerest gratitude is in what I do each and every day, and I think that authenticity is a great part of my success.

What are some challenges you've faced along the way? 

Finding the perfect work-life balance has definitely gotten easier as my son has gotten older, but those early years proved a little more challenging where extra time was concerned to dedicate time to my studies- during the time at massage school- and later, to business development outside of my regularly scheduled healing sessions. Health insurance, as an entrepreneur, has always been a concern for myself and for my son. I was very thankful when Obamacare came into play, as it made that aspect more attainable for me.

Tips for balancing career and family/personal life? 

Learn when to say no. One of the joys and, at the same time, the difficulties of owning your own business is the ability to create your own schedule. Particularly, in the beginning, it is difficult to say no to new business, and in fact, probably a necessity. Know that this period can be sculpted as your move through your journey of creating a schedule that truly allows you to live your fullest life in all areas.

Describe your journey so far in three words: 

Miraculous. Joyful. Healing.

What as been the most rewarding part of owning/running your own business? 

Being able to do what I most love, healing body, mind and spirit, every day, whilst being able to be a present and grateful mother by having the flexibility in my schedule and joy in my heart to bring home.

If this is your part time thing, what else do you do for a career? 

This is it! Part of the greatness of being an entrepreneur is being able to fold in any aspect of your life of which you are passionate. The creative outlets are limitless and create new opportunities for dabbling in all areas that you love!

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Ultimately, I will have a spiritual retreat where clients can stay for a multitude of modalities, classes, or a time to decompress away from our fast-paced lives. This may or may not unfold within that 5 year span... I do know, however, that I will be dedicated to my spiritual yogic practice during that time, teaching yoga when the time is ripe, continuing to see clients for healing session, and sharing the joy of my spiritual path, as well as the path of others, all along the way!

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