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Life via Instagram: Summertime

I truly can't believe how fast this summer has flown by, I hope you all have been enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having! I've been spending a lot of time shooting weddings, maternity, and tiny little newborns the past few months - but I've found some time to have a little fun and relax as well. Here's a peek at what I've been up to, via Instagram...

(top row) - flowers from Jess and Dan, trying to get back on the yoga train, date night with Josh at Lincoln Cafe, spending the relaxing on our anniversary in mid-July, sweet treats from Amy at Sprinkles & Company.
(bottom row) - Clara resting, a fortune I hope comes true, new eyelash extensions by Kayla at Tru Salon, new look courtesy of Holly @ Tru Salon, dog sitting Ms. Wiggles (aka Allie).

Hope your week is going well! Just a quick note, weekday sessions are now available starting October 1st! Also - I am full for weddings for May and June 2014. So exciting!! Looking forward to everything coming up this fall and next year - feeling very blessed. 

Life via Instagram [June & July 4th]

Life has been busy lately, as I'm sure it is for all of you as well. Summer so far has been full of photo sessions, weddings (+ second shooting a few times for the insanely talented Mindy Myers - can you say dream opportunity?!), and spending time with friends, family, and the pups. Here are a few phone pics that have been captured along the way, hope your summer has been wonderful so far!
Top row (left to right): A great quote from the book Bloom, sunset off the deck, a sweet thank you from Kathryn & Brian, naptime for the pups. 2nd row: Rainbow at my sister's housewarming party, sparklers on the 4th, double trouble, snuggling Miss Sophia.

One quick note about scheduling - fall is nearly full, please consider booking early if you're thinking of doing photos this fall. October and November are all that's left at this point! This has been the most amazing year and it's only July!! I am so very grateful for everything that's come my way this year, thank you!!