Where's Einstein?


When I say that Einstein is only 4 lbs, I think people still have a hard time visualizing just how small that really is because 9 times out of 10 the first thing they say when meeting him is "he's SO tiny!!". Truly, he is a little peanut (although don't tell him that!). Sometimes at night after we get home from work he likes to drag out all of his toys and then lay down in the middle of them, and there's been more than one occasion where I will look over and think "where's Einstein?" (much like Where's Waldo). As you can see by the photo above, he's about the same size as most of his toys so they make the perfect hide out for a little dog needing a break after a long day at work.

I also wanted to take a second to mention that I am booked for the months of July and September 2011 and will not be taking any more sessions for those months. Also, May of 2012 is full at this time as well! There is also limited availability for the following months:

May 2011 - one opening left
June 2011 - two openings left
August 2011 - two openings left
October 2011 - three openings left

If you are thinking of doing a session (family, engagement, etc) this spring/summer, please book early! You can email me at madiganphotography@gmail.com for more information.

For a moment the whole world...revolved around one boy, and one girl

As you read in the previous post, Abby (my sister) and Nick were married last weekend. The ceremony was so touching and my sister was one of the most beautiful brides I've seen. The reception (of course) was a fabulous party, with amazing food, gorgeous decorations, and most importantly - great company.

I was a bridesmaid at this wedding, so I actually only took my camera to the salon and to the reception (where Josh took all the photos because I was too busy on the dance floor!). I can't wait to see the photos from her photographers - Mindy Myers and Paige Peterson, who were also my wedding photographers. It was wonderful seeing them again and I know their photographs will be amazing.

Anyways, here's a taste of how I spent my weekend on January 22, 2011...

Mimosas keep the jitters away...

The bride!

This photo of the flower girl cracks me up - I don't think she's a big fan of makeup at this point in her life...


Mother of the groom...

My sisters suggested doing a mirror shot, it's harder than I thought it would be! I think we ended up taking 4 or 5 before finally getting one.




And onto the party - again, all of these were taken by my husband Josh.






True Colors

I'm pretty sure there's no scientific study to back up the claim I'm about to make, but the concept of wedding colors inadvertently symbolizing those making the commitment is an interesting one. My sister Abby is getting married this weekend, and in the midst of trying to take a nap the other day - my mind started wandering and somehow rested upon her wedding colors. She chose steel grey and chartreuse (kind of a pear color for those not familiar with the shade) and I was thinking how the colors serve as sort of a metaphor (or is it a similie? I can never remember the difference) for both her and her fiance.

If Abby were a color, chartreuse would definitely fit the bill. Much like the color she is bold, unique, and creative. On the other hand, her fiance Nick is the perfect steel grey complement to Abby's chartreuse. He's grounded, solid, and steady. Together, much like the wedding colors they have chosen, they are a wonderful combination.

I want to take a minute to wish Abby & Nick all the best on their wedding day, and each day in the future. Love you both - congratulations.