True Colors

I'm pretty sure there's no scientific study to back up the claim I'm about to make, but the concept of wedding colors inadvertently symbolizing those making the commitment is an interesting one. My sister Abby is getting married this weekend, and in the midst of trying to take a nap the other day - my mind started wandering and somehow rested upon her wedding colors. She chose steel grey and chartreuse (kind of a pear color for those not familiar with the shade) and I was thinking how the colors serve as sort of a metaphor (or is it a similie? I can never remember the difference) for both her and her fiance.

If Abby were a color, chartreuse would definitely fit the bill. Much like the color she is bold, unique, and creative. On the other hand, her fiance Nick is the perfect steel grey complement to Abby's chartreuse. He's grounded, solid, and steady. Together, much like the wedding colors they have chosen, they are a wonderful combination.

I want to take a minute to wish Abby & Nick all the best on their wedding day, and each day in the future. Love you both - congratulations.


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