Happy Birthday Clara! [Personal]

Today Clara turns 1 year old - she made it through puppy-hood (relatively) unscathed, though I'm not sure I can say the same for us! :)

It's been an interesting 9 months since she arrived at our home, disrupting Einstein's calm life, and waking us up two or three times a night for the first few months. She loves to hunt for socks, harass her brother Einstein, attend her new agility class, and is way too happy in the mornings for all of our liking (Josh, Ein, and I are all NOT morning people). All in all she's grown into a sweet pup, who makes me laugh almost every day.

Happy Birthday Clara! 

(all photos taken by Josh or me, except the one on the top left in the set below, taken by Matt Murphy)

_MG_4455 copy


StephanieMariePhotography said...

Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE your pups! Thanks for sharing!

Beth said...

So cute!