This is Our Life: Project 52 [Week 3: This Makes Me Wish I Could Freeze Time]

Week 3 of my project 52 has the theme "this makes me wish I could freeze time". There are obviously a lot of things that I could post about for this week's theme - hanging out on the couch with Josh and the pups, reading a good book on a cold winter day, or enjoying an evening out with friends. However, Josh snapped this photo today of me doing one of my favorite things - petting my two furry friends while they snuggled on the couch, and I knew it would be perfect.

I know that our life isn't always this calm, or relaxed, and that the pups don't always spend this much time in close proximity (Einstein is becoming a bit crochety in his old age). In fact, shortly after this photo was taken, Clara jumped up and started biting Einstein's face and he wanted off the couch immediately to go explore the backyard...where he could be ALONE (thankyouverymuch!). Peaceful moments like this are never quite long enough.

lifeproject-week3 copy

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