2013: Looking Ahead

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It's that time again (though admittedly, a little late) as we all reflect on the previous year and resolve to better ourselves in the coming months. Last year I made several resolutions, which I think I made some good improvements on (maybe not so well on the finding balance thing though!!) and was overall very happy with the way 2012 went.

For 2013 my main goal, particularly in business, is not to be afraid. In the fall of 2011, I made the excruciating decision that in late 2013 I would be leaving the full time job I've held for now 10 1/2 years and going full time with my photography business. It was a particularly painful and difficult decision because I really LOVE my full time job. I work with a young man with a disability and love him and his family dearly - they are truly more than just the family I work for, they are just family - period. Even though I am excited about pursuing my passion for photography on a full time basis, my heart is also heavy with dread as I anticipate not seeing Dan and his family every day and sharing my life with them the way I do now (though they will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be a big part of my life).

So, in regards to my resolution this year - I am making the commitment to push myself - to take risks, to stop making excuses based out of fear of failure or rejection. To pursue my dreams of being a full time photographer by going for it 100%, putting everything on the table, no holds barred. I don't want to look back on this year and feel as though I didn't give it everything I had, and so off I go in preparation for going full time - wish me luck!

What are you resolving to change or do in 2013? I'd love to hear about it!

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