This is Our Life: Project 52 [Week 2: This Makes Me Laugh/Smile]

I'm a couple of days late on last week's photo project, partly because it was really hard to think of what I could photograph that makes me laugh. There are so many things that make me laugh, such as the fact that on January 15th we STILL have our Christmas tree up (seriously, we are so lazy right now!!), or that Clara chases Einstein under the bed every morning (she is such a morning person, it's almost painful), or Dan when he tells me "your mom" jokes.

Finally I settled on taking a photo of a photo that makes me laugh. This weekend, my sister Bri and her husband Colby celebrated their marriage with a reception in their hometown (they were married in Las Vegas this fall) and had a photobooth area. We all had a great time trying on the props, and this photo is one of my favorites because it includes me and all of my siblings being completely silly. Also, is it just me or is my sister Rachel totally channeling Slash from Guns & Roses with that hat and glasses?

It's kind of hard to read, but the chalkboard says "DONE AT 6" (all one word though), which is my parents' license plate.
lifeproject-week2 copy

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