Julian [Iowa City, IA Newborn Photography]

Newborn sessions often take a bit more time than a regular child or family session, which is understandable because babies need breaks for feeding, changing, and lots of time for cuddling. The great thing about spending a morning or an afternoon photographing adorable little babies is that I also get to know their parents pretty well by the end. The session with Julian and his parents Coelle & Chris was no exception, and by the end of the afternoon I felt like we were old friends. Julian was a GREAT model (hello, have you ever seen such a cute little guy?) and enjoyed all of the cuddling with mom & dad. Coelle and Chris are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. These two are so funny, and are very much in love with Julian, as well as each other. It's really an incredible thing to see, and it was an honor to document it all for them.

So, without further ado - Julian's sneak peek. I hope you guys enjoy!! Coelle and Chris - congratulations again on your new addition, Julian is just gorgeous (or should I say handsome? Either way, he's perfect!!). Thank you again for inviting me into your beautiful home, and for the opportunity to photograph your family at such a special time in your lives!!

julian-8945-2 copy

Julian is so darn cute! He was born on December 13th, 2012 but arrived a little early so he was still pretty tiny at our session last Sunday.
julian-8865 copy

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for backlighting, so these next two images are definitely in my top 3 from this session!
julian-9141-2 copy

julian-9148 bw copy

julian-8885 copy

julian-9016 copy

I forget what Chris said here to make Coelle laugh, but I just love this photo. julian-9077 bw copy

I have to thank Coelle and Chris again for letting me pretty much take over their gorgeous home and being up for trying whatever I suggested. Lifestyle images are some of my favorite, and their house was absolutely perfect. 
julian-9073 copy

julian-8915 bw copy

julian-9030 bw copy

julian-9091 copy

julian-9136 copy


julian-9249 bw copy

julian-9298 bw copy

julian-9309 copy

julian-9793 copy

julian-9894 bw copy

Coelle told me that Julian's nursery is a work in progress, but it looks pretty darn cute to me!
julian-9710 copy


Virginia Smith said...

Beautiful! One of the best newborn sessions I've seen.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! What a cute baby. Adorable family. LOVE the nursery. So sweet. I am shooting a little boy this afternoon that is 6 days old. I can hardly wait! Thanks for sharing this!

Toni said...

These are absolutely beautiful! Love lifestyle newborn photography and you totally rock at it!

mindy myers said...

These are beautiful photos, Jen. Terrific. And that family is absolutely adorable. Great job!