Pinterest Obsessed

When I was moving last week, I found two (extremely heavy) notebooks where I had cut and pasted outfit ideas, house decorating inspiration, etc that I'd torn out of magazines once upon a time. Although I considered keeping them, the sheer weight of these two books made me think otherwise. Besides, now I have Pinterest to keep all of my fantastic inspirational finds in a tidy place online (and it won't weigh me down).

Lately I've been whiling away the hours, pinning and organizing all of the beautiful images I find online. A category that I wanted to share with you is one that helps to answer that pesky "What should I wear" question when it comes time to get your photos taken. I have one such board where I've been collecting gorgeous images to (hopefully) inspire you! Click HERE to view that particular board, or follow/view the rest of my boards HERE. I don't have any guy outfit inspiration at the moment, so I'll have to add that to my future to do list (don't want anyone to feel left out!!).

Are you on Pinterest? I'd love to follow you - comment with your name or link!

Life via Instagram

It's been awhile since I've updated - sorry about that! Things have been crazy, as predicted, with our vacation to NYC earlier this month + the pending move. I DO have some (nicer) photos that I took from the 4th and a few from our vacation that I will share as soon as I manage to dig out my USB cord from wherever it got stashed while packing up the house, but wanted to share these in the mean time (the iPod touch is no Canon 5d, so bear with me...).

War Horse at Lincoln Center, which won the Tony this year for Best Play. We had fourth row seats and the play was absolutely amazing. Such a great experience!!

Walking by NBC Studios one evening.

Braving the NYC Subway system on our last day there (we did a LOT of walking).

We got tired of walking around the South Street Seaport, so we decided to take a 90 minute sailboat cruise around the Statue of Liberty.

On our last evening in the city, we went to an amazing restaurant called Il Buco. It was so cute inside, and the food was delicious. If it's any indication on how good it was, I'm still drooling over the salad appetizer. Salad!!

And finally, a lovely "Where's Waldo" type photo from one of the Blake Shelton videos on The Today Show's website. I went to the early morning concert but was pretty far back, however, I still managed to make my (back of the head) tv debut!

Thankful Thursday

Wow, it's a hot one today! It definitely feels more like summer, just in time for the 4th of July. I really love the upcoming holiday - seeing the red, white, and blue buntings on front porches, the parades, and of course - the sparklers. It's the perfect day for grilling, hanging out with family, and biting into some juicy watermelon!


So it's Thursday, and time for a new list of things I'm thankful for, so here goes:
  • Vacations! I'm very thankful that Josh and I are able to take a vacation every summer, and I'm hoping we will have a relaxing (but fun) week away on our trip to NYC.
  • Spray tans. Superficial? Maybe - but since I'm relegated to the shade, spray tans are my new best friend in the summer.
  • 1 year warranties. We purchased a second 5d Mark II this spring and almost right away it was having some issues. Thank goodness for warranties, it's getting repaired for free!
  • Lunch dates with friends. This means I get sushi tomorrow (my fave)!
  • DVR's. Things tend to get kind of busy and I often miss some of my favorite TV shows (and I have a lot, I'm sort of an addict). We've been spending the evening catching up on all of the shows we missed this spring. To the person who invented the DVR - I heart you.
  • Weddings. I'm not kidding when I say I love weddings in my about me section, I really do. Now that it's wedding season, we have two to attend this month (the first being this Saturday) and I can't wait. I love getting to share in the happiness and excitement of two people beginning their lives together, and I also love getting to wear pretty dresses. :)
What are you grateful for this week?