Kathleen & Brett [Iowa City, IA Engagement]

Kathleen was one of the first people I met through the family I work for (she is their daughter's best friend) when I moved to Iowa City, she was 15 at the time (seriously, this makes me feel so old!!). I remember her introduction very clearly, "Hi, I'm Kathleen, Jess' best friend! You'll be seeing a lot of me." Turns out this was a very good thing, as Kathleen is one of the kindest, not to mention one of the funniest people I've ever known. Last fall I had the pleasure of taking photos of Kathleen and Brett (they modeled for me on a random Saturday), which is when I officially met Brett for the first time. Brett is just as kind and funny as Kathleen, and they both truly have the biggest, most genuine hearts - making them both beautiful inside and out.

I feel so incredibly blessed to know these two, and honored that they chose me to document their big day next August. I had such a wonderful time taking their photos last Friday morning, they are so deeply in love and I think it really comes across in these photos. Enjoy!

KathleenBrett-1 copy

IMG_2106 copy copy

IMG_1822 copy

IMG_1833 copy

IMG_1813 copy

IMG_1891 copy

IMG_1900 copy

IMG_1918 copy

I just love this next series of 3 images...
IMG_1959 copy copy

IMG_1964 copy copy

IMG_1966 copy

IMG_2015 copy

IMG_2028 copy

IMG_2046 copy

IMG_2059 copy

I think this one is my favorite, but it's so hard to choose!
IMG_2187 copy

IMG_2199 copy

IMG_2219 copy1

IMG_2258 copy

At the end of the session, Kathleen asked if I could get some shots of them walking down the bridge. After walking a little ways, they began to skip. It was so cute, and 100% them. These two images make me so happy, I hope they make you smile too!
IMG_2328 copy

IMG_2304 copy


IMG_4582 copy

I just wanted to take a minute to give thanks today. I hope you are enjoying your day off with your family and friends & eating delicious food!

Thanks to my wonderful clients who trust me to document their lives and important events. I will forever be grateful for your support, I truly have the best clients and am thankful every single day.

Thanks to my husband, family, and friends who support me no matter what. Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams.

Thanks to Einstein for making me smile every day, just by being such a cute, furry mammal.

I am so grateful for every opportunity and experience that comes my way, and I hope that many great things come your way too. Happy Thanksgiving.

Party Time, Excellent...

A little Wayne's World reference for you on this Wednesday! Anyways, I apologize for the lack in posting recently. I have been battling a bit of a cold, so took last week off and am just now getting back into the swing of things. I hope you all are staying healthy as this weather keeps switching from beautiful to frigid (can you believe it snowed last week?) and back again!

I took these photos at Myelle's 1st birthday party the last weekend in October. Lindsay (her mom) and I became good friends after we met when I did Myelle's 6 month session back in the spring. I was invited as a guest to the party, and brought along my camera to take a few snapshots. I mainly wanted to share the decor photos, as Lindsay and her mom Marita are pretty much AMAZING. I wish they would plan parties for me! :) All of the Halloween decorations were so cute, classy, and perfect for the occasion. I especially love the little banner that Lindsay made, featuring a photo from each month of Myelle's first year of life.

IMG_1113 copy

IMG_1127 copy

IMG_1106 copy

IMG_1148 copy