Casey + Matt [Kansas City, MO Country Club Plaza + Loose Park Engagement Photography]

A week and a half ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City to take Casey and Matt's engagement photos. They are getting married this October, in Anamosa, but met (and live) in Kansas City so they wanted to have documentation of the place where they fell in love. We had AMAZING weather for this session, 80 degrees and everything was starting to bloom down there so I was thrilled. I even got to meet their sweet pup Darla. Oh, and for the record - everyone that has warned me of their "crazy puppies" has been soooo wrong! ;) Maybe she is a wild woman normally (like my Clara) but when it came time for her photo debut, Darla was a pro!

One of my favorite things about Casey and Matt is how sweet they are together, and hello - gorgeous!! One of the first things I asked was how they met, and as Casey shared the story of that night, Matt couldn't keep the smile off his face. These two are awesome and I can't thank them enough for bringing us down to KC to do their session.

Casey and Matt (and Darla!) - you guys are awesome and I am so excited for your wedding in October! I hope you love this sneak peek - and thank you again for a fabulous session.

My fave!! casey-matt-epics-91-bw



casey-matt-epics-3 copy


casey-matt-epics-31 copy





Below photo by Josh

Photo on left by Josh
Photo below by Josh

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