What to Wear

I often get the question "What should we wear?" and my sister suggested I do a post showing some ideas. I like to tell people to coordinate but don't be too matchy - I personally am not a fan of the everyone in white shirts and khaki pants look. Change it up a little and show your personality!

This first look is one I came up with as an example for a family with two kids (one girl, one boy). I like the neutral base with a fun pop of color (the pink on the gray shirt and the pink sweater).

Gap at ShopStyle
Gap at ShopStyle

Here's another look, this time for two adults (maybe for the casual portion of an engagement session).

Gap at ShopStyle

This third look is for a session for just two children (no adults).

Gap at ShopStyle

The last option is if you want to be a little more adventurous and try mixing prints. Just make sure that everything is in the same color family (such as the ivory, grey, red, and black in this set).

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Hopefully this post gives you a few ideas for your future photo sessions. One last suggestion (especially if you have little ones) is make sure they are comfortable in what they are wearing, and dress them in clothing you don't mind them running around in and maybe even getting a little dirty. I've had clients doing everything from sitting on some old tires, putting their feet in a fountain, as well as just sitting on the (still slightly wet) grass for a few shots - so don't wear something that you'd be horrified to sit on the ground in. :)


Amber said...

great ideas! I wish you could shoot casey and I! You know i'd be rocking the color pops!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

^Thanks Amber! You know, Josh and I have been talking about going to SF for our summer vacation - maybe we could take pics then if we do! :)