Christmas 2009

I didn't take a ton of photos over the holidays this year but I did want to share a few from Christmas Eve at my parent's house. Since the weather was kind of crazy (alternating between rain/snow/freezing rain) we weren't able to do what we normally do on Christmas Eve (get together with all of our extended family). We ended up having kind of a quiet night, but it was nice that all of my siblings made it home despite the crappy weather.

After dinner my little brother Sam busted out the Curious George game (and I got some wonderful blackmail photos of two of my sisters wearing a panda and a pig mask).

IMG_2956 copy

There are no grandkids yet, but there are 3 grandpuppies (my parents are SO proud, haha). My sister Abby's dog Rudy was surprisingly calm, and of course I had to capture Einstein's Santa's Little Helper shirt. Sam wanted in on the action too, as you can see...

IMG_2965 copy
IMG_2993 copy
IMG_2966 copy

After the guys got sick of dominating Sam's "Whack-a-mole" game (I so wish I had photos of that!), they decided to play a few hands of poker.

IMG_2974-2 copy

Apparently my brother in law (in the foreground of the photo below) was the big winner of the night, although I'm not sure exactly how much he walked away with in the end (probably not a lot).

IMG_2983 copy

After the excitement of game night, Sam had a little quiet time with my sister and my dad...

IMG_2998 copy


Amber said...

great pictures jen! WOW ok I need to work on my lens more haha!

Jen Madigan Photography said...

Thanks Amber! Those were all taken with the 50mm lens actually - it goes down to a lower aperture than the other lens and so it allows more light in (and these were taken in very dark rooms!). I'm so glad you like them though, thanks for commenting! :)

Abby said...

I love the photos of Rudy!! He's so precious (of course cause he is my dog)! Nick really liked them too! Hope that I can see more sometime.

Rachel said...

To the last picture.... CLINKY!

Jen Madigan Photography said...

Abby- Those were the only two that I took of Rudy, but I thought they turned out well! Glad you and Nick liked them.

Rachel - Haha, yes.