New Year's Eve 2009

Josh and I always try and do something different each year for New Year's Eve. Last year we had dinner with friends, the previous year we got dressed up and went out to a nice dinner downtown. This year we decided to be recession friendly and just make dinner at home, spending the evening with our favorite furry friend!

Einstein, ready to party...

IMG_3008 copy

Since I'm usually the one behind the camera, Josh took a few of me and my little buddy.

IMG_3042 copy
IMG_3058 copy

The last night of enjoying our tree (we always take it down on New Year's Day). If you look closely, you can see me in one of the ornaments!

IMG_3067 copy
For dinner I made flank steak, potatoes, and we also had salad topped with cranberries, feta cheese, and nuts. Dessert was espresso chocolate mousse with marscapone whipped cream. It was very yummy (if I do say so myself!)!

IMG_3080 copy
IMG_3098 copy

What are your New Year's traditions?


Amber said...

wow GREAT pictures! Looked like fun! Josh is good with the camera, I wish casey would get better at taking pictures, he is terrible right now lol!

Melissa said...

Your pictures are great! We don't don't have any real New Years traditions.. we change it up every year. This year was spent with my family, my boyfriends family, and some friends. I would love to make that a tradition.

Jen Madigan Photography said...

Amber - Thank you! Josh is pretty good with the camera, I was very impressed with the photos he took of me with Einstein!

Melissa - Thank you! Sounds like you had a great New Year's, it's always fun to spend it with family and friends. Thanks for commenting!