Investment in my future

"I can't do it. Will you?" I ask, looking over at my husband Josh as my hand hovered precariously above the "purchase" button.

"Sure", he said, taking over the mouse and clicking as I looked away.

You may be wondering what I was having such a hard time purchasing (especially coming from this seasoned online shopper - clicking the purchase button is usually no problem for me!), so I'll tell you. It was the Canon 5D Mark II camera body. It was something I'd saved up for, but it's price tag was staring me in the face, taunting me and making me wonder if I was worth it. I'd never purchased something so pricey (besides my house and my car, and somehow the financial burden of those seem so much easier when you only pay so much per month...), and was worried I wouldn't like it, or I would break it, or worse. I read review after review until finally Josh asked how long I was going to read more good reviews and would I just buy it already??

So I did, well...Josh did, since he was the one that finally pushed the purchase button. We bought it together, I guess you could say.

When the box finally arrived, I was still a little intimidated. What if it was more camera than I could handle? The box sat unopened on the table for a couple of days (I used the excuse that my fingers were painfully swollen - which they were *story on that to come at a later date, gee thanks Jimmy John's sprouts!*- to avoid opening it and diving right in). Finally I took it out of the box, and started messing with it, reading the manual, changing the settings, and taking some photos - we slowly started to become friends. This past weekend, I used my new camera at both of my photo sessions (bringing along my old one "just in case"). Now I absolutely adore this camera and it has moved from being ignored on the table to having a sweet home in my new camera bag (see below). So, I wanted to share a photo of my new friend (I think I'll name him Mark)...


I also bought a Kelly Moore camera bag back in February but finally got the chance to use it on Sunday (I could have used it on Saturday but forgot it at home and took my other bag instead). If you are looking for the perfect camera bag that doesn't really look like a camera bag, this is the one for you - trust me. I love it because I can keep all of my lenses in there while I'm shooting and I don't have to run back to where my bag is sitting every time I need a new lens. I just put all of the lenses in without caps and could easily switch them throughout the shoot with no problem. I also like the little pockets in front (and a zip pocket in the back) which can hold my cell phone or keys and I'm not worried about them falling out as I'm running around. If you don't like the grey, it comes in other colors too, so definitely check out Kelly Moore's site if you're in the market for a new camera bag (I just saw that they added a new style, which I also love!)


I've also recently revamped my "About Me" page, so check it out!


julie said...

I am lusting after that camera! congrats!

Jen Madigan Photography said...

Thanks Julie! I love it!