Favorite 10 of 2010

Wow, what a year! 2010 was a year of many firsts - starting out with my first newborn session and photographing my first wedding near the end. Throughout 2010, I had the pleasure of taking photos for so many amazing people - I had an extremely difficult time narrowing down my favorite 10 photos (I wish I could choose 20!!). These photos were chosen because they represent one (or all) of the things I love in a photo - emotion, something creative or unique that I haven't seen before, and feeling a connection to the people pictured. Here they are - in the order which they were taken:

The session I had in March 2010 with Alyssa and Sydney was incredible. I remember for this photo I was challenging Sydney to make each one even cuter than the last - and she didn't fail to deliver.
IMG_3769 copy

It took a little while for Emily to warm up to me on the day of her session, but once we got to the park she started feeling more comfortable. Have you ever seen a more adorable little girl? I just love her curls.

Hanna and Joey's session was one that challenged me creatively, and I got the opportunity to try some new things. I love how you can almost feel their love and happiness radiating through the photo.

I have never seen a baby held this way before, and Oliver seemed to love it. I have a ton of favorites from this session, but something about this photo is so interesting to me.
IMG_1415 copybw

This session with Jessica and Eric was just a practice session for Josh and me, but I absolutely adore the way this photo turned out. I love everything about it - Jessica's expression, the lighting, and the way Eric is looking at her.

Kathleen and Brett were another practice session, and they were wonderful to work with. I really like the symmetry of this photo.

I know this photo is of a pair of shoes instead of people, but this photo will always represent the day that my dream of being a wedding photographer became reality. I will always be grateful to Chelsea and Richard for allowing me such a wonderful opportunity.

The rainbow in this photo was completely unintentional as a bridesmaid's flash went off across the dance floor right as I was taking this photo of the first dance. As it turned out, what some might consider a "mistake" ended up being a very unique and interesting photo. How many people can say they had a rainbow show up during their indoor, evening reception?

Lindsey and Brandon were so fun to work with and I had a very difficult time choosing a favorite, but I love the way Brandon is snuggling up to Lindsey. They both look so happy and in love!
IMG_5810 copy

Leslie and Adam's wedding was so much fun to photograph, and there were a ton of great photos but this one kept jumping out at me. Leslie looks SO incredibly happy - it just radiates out of the photo. Just looking at this picture makes me smile too!
IMG_6575 copy

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