The Wolfpack

When I go to my parent's house for a holiday, the house can get pretty chaotic. How chaotic can it really be? Imagine a house with two parents (mine), 6 kids (theirs), two spouses, one boyfriend, and four crazy dogs. It can get a little nuts and none of us kids even have children of our own yet! Although it's no weekend at the spa, it's always fun to go home to see everyone and there is never a dull moment. Since the puppies are the only "grandchildren" at the moment (my parents must be so proud), I took a minute over Easter weekend to take some photos of the four of them. Allow me to introduce you...

Ella (aka Ella Bella or Missy Ella) is a miniature schnauzer and belongs to my brother Sam. He tells everyone constantly that she is his "best friend". My parents bought Ella at the request of my sister about 6 or 7 months before Sam was born, so she's been a part of his life since day 1.

I'm sure by now you all are familiar with Einstein (aka Einer, Einey, Bubba), who makes regular appearances on the blog. He wasn't feeling especially into having his photo taken but even models have off days. :)

Next we have my sister Abby's cairn terrier Rudy (aka Rude Dog or the always popular Mufasa) who is playful and rowdy, much like his owner.

And finally there's Herky (aka Turkey or Herk), who is a Yorkie like Einstein but bigger and with more energy.

So there you have it, the gallery of grandpups! I definitely have a new respect for pet photographers - it's not as easy as it looks (I wish I had photos or a video of Josh and I behind the scenes, it was pretty comical I'm sure!). Einstein is used to me shoving the camera in his face, but the other dogs weren't too sure about the whole modeling thing.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I've got some great sessions coming up in May and I can't wait to share them all with you. Keep your fingers crossed that we have some warm (sunny) weather!

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allaboutourdogs said...

I can’t imagine having 4 dogs in the family. One crazy dog, one crazier kid and the craziest husband are enough for me.

-Nicole, cairn terrier owner