Friday Randomness: On the Farm [Personal]

A couple of weeks ago, one of my 2014 brides Kyle emailed me to share that two baby goats were born on the farm she shares with her fiancé Mike. You see, when I met Kyle and learned that they owned goats, I could hardly contain my excitement. I'm sure you all know by now that I LOVE dogs. But, you may not know that I also LOVE goats. In fact, I've even gone as far as to research whether or not goats are allowed in the North Liberty city limits. (Sadly, they are not.)

Anyways, when Kyle emailed me about the baby goats, we set up a time that I could stop by and get my fix. So, on a soggy Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, I pulled on my rainboots and headed out to meet the new babies.

Not only did I get to meet the goats (and a multitude of sheep) but I even got to hold little Cocoa the goat, who is being bottle fed. It was so sweet, he even fell asleep in my arms!! Here are some photos Josh took on the farm, and I snuck a few in of Duke (a beautiful boxer!) as well. I'm so framing one of these for my office.

Happy Friday!


I'm pretty sure Cocoa is smiling in the pic on the left... goats-8


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