Reese [Iowa City, IA Child and Family Life Cycle Photography]

Reese's session last year was an epic workout, as she loves to run and be active, so this year I came prepared to sweat. Haha. This little cutie is full of energy and sass, she and her parents Jenn and Bill are so much fun to be around. We had such a great time this year too, playing with bubbles, writing with chalk, and having a little dance party on the bridge. I can't get enough of her cute little outfits, and that tiara - she is just too much!! :) Reese definitely keeps me on my toes, and I absolutely love every minute of it.

Also, Reese's birthday is today - so happy 3rd birthday!! I hope all your "Tangerella" princess dreams come true. :)

Jenn, Bill, and Reese - it was great seeing you all again! I hope you like this sneak peek.

reese-0124 copy

reese-blog-14 copy






Showing off the shoes... reese-blog-12 copy


Dance party...I just love this series of images: reese-blog-09 copy

reese-blog-10 copy

reese-blog-11 copy

reese-blog-13 copy

reese-blog-08 copy


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